23 Apr Weekend is here, What are you doing this week?


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OK new weekend has started So what's been going on in your week or what do you have planned for the weekend?
I'm as disorganised as usual, experimenting with some lichen and glycerin to see how that works out as trees. Ground some more foam for ground cover, made a few latex molds for rockwork on the riverbanks nothing too strenous or exciting. Last but not least cut up an Atlas girder bridge for the mainline across the river gorge. Will have some pictures later.
Cheers Willis
I guess you could say I'm going to try to start desining a layout. And I'm not so sure if I'm going to build it on the ledge that I was talking about. Maybe I'll build a double decker layout in the garage.
Chris Moore
Demolition on the master becroom suite has started and hope to be done with by Sunday evening. Reconstruction should be started by the end of the week
Oh NO, Larry. NOT the MBR!!! Be prepared for some PRESSURE! :D Post pictures, please --- Before, During and After. And be prepared to take Mrs. LEG out for a festive celebration when it's done. We ladies tend to get testy when our "nest" gets messed with. ;)

As for me, I'm working on yet another in a series of experiments for the best way to contain the ballast on my ROW. This one might even work. :eek: I bought some plastic 3.5 inch bender board, split it lengthwise, and buried it to just a tad above grade. If the @#*+! ballast keeps migrating, I'll try some ground cover right next to the track. Am I getting a little obsessive about this?? Who, me? Who, me? Who, me? Who, me? Nah!
Somewhere we have before pix but do not know where we have them hid. Anyhoo here is what was accomplished today in about 4 hours.
1.) demolition 2.)making progress 3.)almost done with demo 4.)where the closet used to be.

P.S. all followup photos will be in the ANPL Club car where these types of pix belong.
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Whew! At least the potty is still there. We had a porta-potty in the front yard for THREE WEEKS when we did our remodel!
P.S. all followup photos will be in the ANPL Club car where these types of pix belong
Hello everyone mr leghome seems to be getting cranky from all his work :D
i have done some work on my layout it is 4 by 6 foot i'll get some pictures when they are developed it really is fun maybe more fun after you get it done
Maybe I'll build a double decker layout in the garage
Hi Chris yep if it was me that's what I'd do. Even when it's hot, at least you'll be in the shade instead of on a wall with the vultures circiling, waiting for you to fall off whatever pearch you planned to use :D

Used some of the new rock molds tonight, looks like it'll turn out pretty nice. The ground foam is looking good, I'll have to start another batch tomorow.
Hmmm! is that where you are going to build a new layout Larry? :D
Don't envy you, sheesh you are lucky to have alternate privies, even if it's out on the lawn, when I did mine I had to have it all operational tout suite just in case. However I got mine back when I cut the floor out to put in the shower stall, didn't bother the men to use it but the gals were frightened that someone would go into the basement and be able to see them. :D
Cheers Willis
L_R This was the secondary potty so we are still able to use indoor plumbing. LOL
Willis The train room is at the other end of the house and the boss will not give up anymore realistate
Another trip and another load of 'stuff' to list on eBay for me...but I guess that statement is getting kind of redundent. I'm starting to fill up my electronic store 'shelves' though. I also found a spot on eBay that allowed me to generate code to have some of my listings on my own website , so I'm playing with that too. I have some oddball stuff to list, like G scale DCC decoders and lots (and lots and lots) of DPDT switches and terminals and other wiring goodies (you know, all the little stuff that takes forever to sort through :rolleyes: ).

Tomorrow is homework day...the end of the year is in sight, so the teachers are cramming everything into the last few weeks...
CBCNSfan said:
OK new weekend has started So what's been going on in your week or what do you have planned for the weekend?
Cheers Willis

I bought a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer on friday and start back to work this evening.
I was given a little docksider steamer with a blown motor and have started to tinker with making it a static model for pictures and such. :D :D

A.K.A. Old 97
Does this look dumb???

Mike, Congratulations on the new wheels!!!
Here's what I worked on yesterday. (See post #4) Not really prototypical, huh? Note that I shot this pic looking down at the track, so it's not obvious that the spillover slopes downward from the track about half an inch, but I think it would take a real gully-washer to force the large gravel over the barrier. Compare to the upper part of the second picture, which shows the rambling ballast that bugs me so much.

By the way, the grey color between the rails in the first picture is from an earlier experiment in adding cement and fines to the ballast. I'm not pleased with the color change. I'm going to try diluted glue next (probably TiteBond II) since it's reputed to set up again when dry, even if it's been rained on.
since it's reputed to set up again when dry, even if it's been rained on.
Claudia, if you are going to go to that trouble, why not look into some marine glue they use for boats. Once it sets up even the rain won't bother it, or anything else for that matter. (Sledge hammer maybe)
I don't know maybe it's me, but I don't see anything wrong with your ballast. In the second pic. sure there's some loose stuff but a few white rocks around the flowers will look good. In pic #2 well sure the ballast could be improved but pic #1 looks successful but you'd better get the train running I see weeds popping up there..
Heres a shot looking down line, too bad you can't make out the gravel in the grass :D there's lots of it.
Cheers Willis
You had to notice the weeds, didn't you? Those are Mushroom's fault --- he's the one who named F&CGR the "Flowers and Crabgrass Railroad" so it's just living up to its name. ;) I swear those weren't there yesterday when I was working! Looks like it's RoundUp time again. I use the small paintbrush method to apply that --- don't want the overspray to kill off the "good stuff."

Thanks for the picture. That tells me two things: I can quit fretting about mixing ballast colors --- that rock is variegated much like mine --- and planting "weeds" along the tracks may be the best solution after all.

I did consider marine glue, but somewhere in my research I learned that the ballast can't be too solid. It needs to be breakable enough so I can bust it up if I need to move track, and it needs to shift slightly with changes in moisture or temperature.

I really appreciate your helpful response! Another example of all the friendly support and information available here at MRRF. THANKS!
Hey, I never said anything about clover!!!
Although that would work...Flowers & Clover Growing between Rails. :D :D :D

Do you have a wider shot of your contained ballast? The lip didn't look to high close up and may not be as noticable from farther away. Maybe you sprinkle a little sacrificial ballast over the edging.
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That's OK, I've really always thought it should be TH&CGR. If I ever meet Frank I'm likely to call him The Husband by mistake. :D
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:D :D :D You guys are Priceless!!!!

Actually, the weed is Oxalis, but that didn't fit the logo.
:D Frank has been called worse than "TH" over the past 50 years!
As for the contained ballast, that's about all I've done so far. But yeah, a little gravel over the edge might just do the trick.

See y'all tomorrow. Stay tuned. :)