20 years later...

Recently dug out my old (and wore-out) copy of Model railroading with John Allen. I put together a couple of layouts 20 years ago. Started family...The rest is self explanatory. I am really complelled to do some modeling...Not as yet interested in empire building, but some scrach building, hand track laying in HO n3. Looking for info and supplies for hand laying track... Any taker? This is my first post in a new forum. Thank You Very Much
Mike, a big welcome to you and glad you are interested in getting back into MR. I returned to it for my retirement hobby after 35 years and now having a great time.

There are several on board that model HOn3 and several that are expert at handlaying track. Sorry, not me! Hang around and I am sure someone will be with you soon.
I'm sure someone will be able to answer an questions you have. Not much of a hand layer myself, I stick to ME & Atlas flex track. If you want, check out some Micro Engineering rail (ME) code 55 I'd assume for HOn3, its a nice stiff yet flexable rail.

There's TONS of companies that provide tie stock now too.

Thanks for the quick response...Looking forward to your forum as an added aspect to enjoy our hobby...Later...M
Welcome aboard, Mike! I've wanted to have my own layout since I was about five years old. I'm finally workin' on it. (Btw, I'm over 70 now.) :D
Welcome back. There are a lot of us. With track I am a Flex track man, because what I like is scenery and ruunning trains. I tried handlaying years ago, and what I learned was I didn't like it, it took too long, and mine did not run well.
When you get to trees and mountains I will be more help.

Getting trees and cactus on this scene is my current project. Also scratch building the curved trestle for the lower track.

Hi, and welcome back.

I decided I wanted to hand-make my own turnouts, but I didn't know how. So, I ordered the jigs for #8's from Fast Tracks (www.handlaidtrack.com), and I haven't looked back. More importantly, I had little choice but to hand-lay a curved #9ish in place at one critical spot. I used the #8 frog jig and fashioned my own other needed lengths to get what would work. I am happy to report that it did. Now that I have done it, I know that I could handlay track.

Many would do nothing except handlay track, no matter how much they needed. It is not for me. I intend to lay perhaps 6-10' some time, but Micro-engineering Code 83 Flex-Track is hard to beat...very hard.
Thanks a ton!

Again ...Thanks for all the great advice and support...Will probably go with HOn3, and model early 1920's. Am ordering some parts and pieces to play around with. Some ties, spikes, rail, 70 and 55? and switch pieces and templets. Looking forward to getting started. Like I said in my first post, just lookin to do some small scratch building and small switching operation, but I'm already lookin to see where I can get in 70' tall by 1/4 mile tressel!!! Goin to have to work on my wife about that one. Will keep you posted...Mike