1. D

    Looking for an appraiser to help with a Railroad collection

    Hello all, I have a rather large antique collection of model trains and tracks. They are in very good condition, they just need to be cleaned and dusted off. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced appraiser who would be able to take a look at the collection? Thank you very much for your time!
  2. Modeltrains2021

    Can you help identify what locomotive this is

    Hi there I got this canadian national locomotive for free yesterday and was wondering what the make of this model is it's from Yugoslavia will post pictures as soon as I can. Thankyou
  3. Modeltrains2021

    Colors for a model railroad

    Hi there was wondering what colors I should paint my locomotives as I'm making my own railroad and can't decide any input would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  4. ChinaHaun19

    Who knew N gauge could be so gorgeous?!

    Months ago my mom bought herself an N gauge Bachman diesel-led train set to add to our house of train living. I would set it up then take it down time to time, and some of the train track got funky and the loco it came with became a little less reliable. Once I saw this steam locomotive New...
  5. ChinaHaun19

    Long train blasts by after reaching bottom of descent

    L.R.R.C. Year 2000 Lionel travels at a high rate of speed, but only a fraction of how fast it is capable of traveling. I reckon this locomotive can travel 2 to 3 times the speed it would take to jump the rails while turning on an 054 curve.
  6. Modeltrains2021

    mehano mogul 2-6-0 parts

    hi there i have a mehano mogul 2-6-0 steam locomotive and was wondering where to buy parts for it thankyou
  7. T

    Lots of Lionel, Katsumi, and Westbrook Trains for Auction With Accessories

    Hey guys, has an online auction live right now (until June 8th) with hundreds of collectible model trains, buildings, etc, and some vintage railroadiana. It looks like the stuff will go pretty cheap and you can get the stuff shipped. Most of it is only at $1 right now! Just...
  8. Micro Trains Line Golden West Services Bulkhead Flat

    Micro Trains Line Golden West Services Bulkhead Flat

    Factory weathered and graffitied from Micro Trains, it\'s a beautiful addition to any scene.
  9. DoctorZ

    Kansas City's Largest HO Model Railroad Cab Ride!

    Shot this video while on vacation last week. Break out the popcorn, set the video to full screen and ENJOY THE RIDE!
  10. DoctorZ

    Night Trains at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum!

    For the last time, now through the Holidays, they are running Night Trains in St. Paul, MN. This is it! They've lost their lease and the layout will be taken down. As of this writing they do not have another site to set up at. Here's some video I shot last weekend...
  11. DoctorZ

    Unboxing Lionel A/F ES44AC S-Scale Locomotives

    Got the last two BNSF road names in the country!
  12. DoctorZ

    World's Largest INDOOR G-Scale Model Railroad!

    If you've never been to EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester, OH, it is the most impressive G-Scale layout I've ever seen. They were kind enough to allow me to shoot some spectacular video, including CAB RIDES, of several of their Main Lines, which cover three different eras: Steam...
  13. DoctorZ

    The World's Largest S-Scale Diorama with Working Trains & Trolleys!

    While on vacation I visited the Cincinnati In Motion huge S-Scale Model 1:64 Scale Diorama of Cincinnati in the 1940's. Shot some video of the layout. Check the description for all the facts about the layout:
  14. DoctorZ

    My First Ever S-Scale Model Railroad Video!

    This is a private layout I was invited to video for YouTube. I hope to find more S-Scale layouts to share.
  15. DoctorZ

    Rhinelander Model Railroad Association HO-Scale Layout Video

    If you're ever near Rhinelander, WI, be sure to visit the historic Logging Museum's basement. There's a little known HO-scale model railroad layout there that is an exact replica of Rhinelander during the Great Depression era.
  16. DoctorZ

    My First Ever S-Scale Model Railroad Video!

    Took a trip into the Northwoods of Wisconsin over the weekend and visited two Model Railroad layouts. Shot video of both, then was invited to do a couple of the club member's private layouts. One of them was model in S-Scale (1/64th), and it was quite unique, so I thought I'd share it with the...
  17. DoctorZ

    The West Central HO Model Railroad: 7 Scale Miles of Track!

    Well this is my last video for awhile, vacation's over from work starting Monday. However, Check out this well established permanent HO layout in Sparta, WI: Enjoy!
  18. K

    New Model Train Website!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I recently completed a custom Z scale briefcase layout. I did an enormous amount of work on it and made it very detailed. I then created a website,, about it which has a "How To" section along with pictures of the various scenes and extra detail...
  19. DoctorZ

    The NMRHA Lionel O-Scale Model Railroad Layout

    I went up to Cross Lake, MN, yesterday and visited an awesome model railroad museum run by the Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association. They are nicknamed the "Northern Trackers." The model in three scales: G, O, and HO. There O-Scale layout is pretty impressive along with some locos...
  20. DoctorZ

    The Alexandria Model Railroad Association HO Model Railroad Layout.

    I've been a busy guy out rail fanning model railroads. This one is located in Alexandria, MN. Here's another video for your viewing enjoyment: koSPABAQSEE Enjoy!