1. BayHighRY

    Lights But No Movement on On30 Switcher Locomotive

    Hi all, As the title says, I have a On30 Bachmann 0-4-0 Diesel Switcher Engine that has had some problems lately with HO trackrail-powered movement. At the current time the headlights will come on indicating it has power but it doesn't want to budge anymore. Finally gave up after some weeks of...
  2. Working the Yard Lead

    Working the Yard Lead

    0-6-0 #135 switches a long string of cars in that yard at Hopewell Junction on the Seneca Lake, Ontario, & Western RR in August of 1925.
  3. EMD 0069

    EMD 0069

    This is a model of the EMD Plant switcher in London Ontario. EMDX 0069 is an SW900 with a modified exhaust system to allow it to go in doors. The model is a Proto 2000 switcher with minor changes to the exhaust system. I painted and decalled it. The photo is taken on the Windsor Modular RR...
  4. UP #1076 & 2040

    UP #1076 & 2040

    UP 1076 switching out some cars.