static grass

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    Static Grass Worth It For N Scale Layouts?

    I recently posted a thread asking about layering spray alternatives for static grass but shortly after that, I realized that perhaps even the 2 mm static grass available might not look that great…I read posts from other forums of modelers who tried it on their N scale layout’s and ended up just...
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    Alternatives to WWScenics Static Grass Layering Spray

    I’ve read online that WWScenics layering spray is a fantastic product to layer static grass. From what I’ve seen online, this product is only available from the UK with international shipping. I’m okay with paying the price and waiting on the item to arrive but before I order it, are there any...
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    Static Grass Applicator Help

    Hey guys, Railroadkid1937 aka the steam king back asking for your advise. So if you've been watching my youtube channel you'll know that my train club closed down due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. This year However we are getting back up and running in a new place. As such this has...