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  1. 7544.jpg


    The sun is already below the horizon as a BN train lead by lease units comes into view. The sky is streaked with smoke from wildfires to the south.
  2. W

    Broadway Limited Paragon3 Union Pacific SD40-2 HO

    Just curious if anyone out there has purchased the new HO UP BLI Paragon3 SD40-2 yet? I have seen them popping up online. I am curious as to the paint scheme. It appears the drawing of the model on the website is inaccurate. I can not find any roster shots of the two road #'s with the "We will...
  3. W

    Modifying BLI SD40-2 to CPR specs

    Greetings. I have a question for anyone that dabbles in the art of modifying locos to prototype specs. I would like to purchase a couple of BroadwayLimited undecorated SD40-2's and paint them in CP multi-mark livery. The hang up is that the headlights would not be prototypical. To make it...
  4. D

    Super detailing Conrail SD40-2

    I want to detail a sd40-2 with all the details -- my problem is i would like to have a schematic of a conrail sd40 for io know where to put the details. So far i have a older bb athern repowered with a new arthern motor/board from a genisis a digitrack dh163 decoder. Also what could i use for...
  5. BN rainbow

    BN rainbow

    I was thinking of the colorful consists I used to see on the Burlington Northern in the mid 1990s and thought I'd put one together. It is GATX 7357, LMX 8527, ATSF 220, NS 3182 and BN 9284. The LMX and NS are RailPower shells on Athearn drives the rest are more recent Athearns.
  6. I

    Need Help: Athearn SD40-2 Parts Diagram

    My question is about the Athearn SD40-2 manufactured between new tooling style and the Blue Box days. I already have an SD40-2 so I know what I need but don't know the part number. I have already discovered that the shell from that style will not fit on the new tooling frame. I am trying to...
  7. Focus stacking

    Focus stacking

    A series of 5 photos stacked in PS Elements and the out of focus parts deleted. The track in the forground is less than an inch from the camera and the trees in the background are ~200' away.
  8. SD40-2 #5092

    SD40-2 #5092

  9. Layout Modular ABM

    Layout Modular ABM

  10. A&P 41 crossing the Rock Island Bridge

    A&P 41 crossing the Rock Island Bridge

    After a day at work, I decided to take the long way home across the Mississippi, by going over the Rock Island Bridge. Lucky for me, a WCTR transfer run, with A&P power at the front, was sitting on the bridge, waiting for clearance to go onto UP tracks to reach St. Paul. Photo location is...
  11. Aurora & Portland SD40-2 #41

    Aurora & Portland SD40-2 #41

    New power is coming to the WCTR in the form of this SD40-2. Smartly detailed, this is one of the prettiest engines currently on the roster
  12. BNSF 6821

    BNSF 6821

    BNSF 6821, fresh out of the box (And paint shop)
  13. Railroad in the Basement

    Railroad in the Basement

    My daughter and I are working in a Lego castle to go on my countertop swithing layout.
  14. See thru SD40-2

    See thru SD40-2

    How to tell how much room is inside a loco


    My declaed and customized Alstom Demo (GCFX) 3072 sits with my other locos! And yes, I know, I SUCK with a capital S at decaling!!


    A good-nice looking Athearn model of CP 5647 in the "Expo 86 Vancouver" paint!
  17. One of Two....

    One of Two....

    This is the SD40-2 out of the two pack Athearn "Special Edition." The next loco is a GP38-2 no. 769! Enjoy! These locos are brand-spankin' new!!
  18. First Union Rail Corporation!

    First Union Rail Corporation!

    FURX 3004 in miniature! Pretty cool, isn't it, isn't it, isn't it, isn't it??
  19. Snoot??????


    Here is a shot of my one and only ATSF SD40-2 Snoot Nose!! I acquired this loco only two weeks ago! I applied the handrails!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm pretty good!
  20. Shiney!!


    A light on my camera really brightens this usually darker EMDX 6381 (soon to be WE 6381).

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