1. GuilfordRailman

    Techniques for Weathering Gravel Parking Lots

    I’m currently working on some gravel parking lots using Woodland Scenics fine gravel. I’d like to weather these lots as the gravel is just too “clean”. What are some recommended methods for doing this?
  2. GuilfordRailman

    Static Grass Worth It For N Scale Layouts?

    I recently posted a thread asking about layering spray alternatives for static grass but shortly after that, I realized that perhaps even the 2 mm static grass available might not look that great…I read posts from other forums of modelers who tried it on their N scale layout’s and ended up just...
  3. Town of Pumpkin

    Town of Pumpkin

    Pumpkin, on the Pumpkin, Breeze & Roaring Fork. Buildings are hand painted.