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    Howdy! Trying to find an engine that will work on this S Scale Layout.

    Hello everyone! My family moved into an older house and this track and transformer were here. I know nothing about model trains but I’m trying to find an engine that will work for my son. I do know that the transformer works. Any help appreciated. Thank you!
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    Help Identifying American Flyer Car

    Can anyone help with info on this car? I can’t find any examples with this color scheme. It came in a reproduction box but the car looks original. Thanks!!
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    Digitally Controlled Power Track Controller for American Flyer Postwar train set? Is there some way to do this?

    I am in the process of restoring a 1954 470 series train set. I have the original AC Power variable voltage transformer (#4B), but wanted to get into the modern era and have a way to at least control the voltage on the track with a digital communication interface (RS-232 or USB). I've read about...
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    HO and S Dual Gauge Track?

    I am refurbishing an HO scale train layout. In my train collection, I have both HO (16.5 mm) and S (22.42 mm) scale trains that I'd like to display. There is not enough space to have two separate HO and S scale tracks side by side. Is there a commercially available HO+S dual gauge track...