1. Alaska RR

    Alaska RR

    This is the Alaska RR track plan, a reverse image of the Lick Branch Spur from the Appalachian RR web site.
  2. Lightened Weathering on RR crossings.

    Lightened Weathering on RR crossings.

    I felt my heavy handed weathering attempt was too much so I used Artists oderless Thinner to dilute the dark Grey weathering which was absorbed by the paper towel I was using. I used coffee string sticks to cut the planks from too so they have many uses on our layouts and make great lumber...
  3. FBL switcher

    FBL switcher

    This Kato NW 2 got sound decoder. Westport Terminal RR needed a new switcher. They bought an old BN switcher. It got the new paint scheme. 'Free Merchandise organization Belt LINES', briefly FREMO BELT LINES.
  4. at Third Street District

    at Third Street District

    station stop at Third Street Industrial District, here's a short WevVideo: RDC (10MB)
  5. station stop

    station stop

    It was an RDC from Athearn but got a new can motor with new mechanic. And some details along with sound.
  6. switch stands

    switch stands

    Now, I 've started to install switch stands at my Third Street Industrial District. These are switch stands from Details West. But I made them moveable. You will find the article at my homepage. The GE 44-ton is made by Keystone but got a new driving unit. Now, it 's a gem. Look at the video...