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  1. D

    space to Support for scenery

    I have an open grid self construction for a logging layout in HO Scale. I am doing cookie cutter plywood sub roadbed under the usual Atlas cork roadbed strips. My question is how far out from the cork should I cut the plywood to be able to attach scenery. I will be using plaster soaked...
  2. D

    What is a good clearance for the edge of a layout on a 22" radius loop back ?

    What would you recommend as a good out edge of the layout distance where the track loops back? The outer track is 22" radius. So when I cut the road bed ( cook cutter technique ) the outer edge would be at WHAT radius? I was thinking 25" or 3" from the 22'' track center to allow space to put...
  3. D

    what sub roadbed to use in HO 5/8 ply - 1/2 inch homosote 2. inch foam

    I am building a 2 level shelf HO layout along my basement walls. I have humidifiers, heat and A/C in the basement but humidity can vary with season On the lower level I am modelling mountainous terrain (lumber and coal) I have a frame work with 12" placed cross members for risers and cleats...
  4. tnolan55

    cork vs foam

    in terms of roadbed, which is better to use? Cork roadbed or woodland scenics foam roadbed?
  5. Beachbum

    Lauan, foam, lauan sandwich?

    Over the years, I've built benchwork from plywood and Homasote, extruded foam alone, extruded foam glued to hollow core doors, etc. I want to build some light weight layout sections and I'm thinking of laying out a grid of 1X2s, attaching a layer of thin lauan (luan?) on top of that, then...
  6. D

    Plywood on Foam with no Cork ?

    I have nearly completed my "practice layout" , a simple 6x1 "test layout" to see if I had the patience and enjoyment for the hobby. I'm addicted ! Finally at my old age (45) I have both time and money ... a rare window of opportunity that may slip from me any day ... :) But mostly I've...
  7. B

    Laying cork stips in turnouts

    I'm in the process of laying down cork strips for my roadbed. Does anyone have a simple technique/trick that allows for clean/crisp fit of cork roadbed under turnouts. I find I'm either losing the bevel or having to guess where to cut. Many thanks in advance. Eric
  8. RR Roadbed is 1/2 sound board over 3/4 plywood.

    RR Roadbed is 1/2 sound board over 3/4 plywood.

  9. More Benchwork and roadbed progress

    More Benchwork and roadbed progress

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