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    Power Needs for Complex Layouts

    I am planning a Kato N-Scale layout. My current plan is to use what I have purchased so far, the M1 Kato Master 1 Set, which has the Basic Oval and Power Pack; the V1 Kato Variation Mainline Siding Passing Set; plus the V6 Kato Outer Loop Set, which I want to purchase. Illustrations of how the...
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    A question regarding a particular power source.

    Hi. I'm very new to this so excuse my ignorance. I just purchased this Transmitter Tower kit: http://www.busch-model.com/online/?rubrik=3&topnav=3&art_id=5965&sprach_id=en I'm wondering about what particular power source I should use. The instructions aren't very helpful, citing only a "Trafo...