1. Breor47

    Help Save a Kato?

    Hello all. I recently mentioned that I had a broken Kato locomotive on another thread. This locomotive has seen better days, and now suffers from a multitude of issues I haven't been able to fix. I'm 16, and only a casual modeler, so I don't have a quarter of the experience I know some of you...
  2. R

    Athearn parts question

    Will an Athearn RTR shell fit on an Athearn BB frame and running gears? If not, which frames and running gears will an Athearn RTR SD40-2 shell fit on? I am thinking of a project which includes an Athearn RTR SD40-2 shell. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. K

    Cab Forward Rivarossi Parts

    Hey ya'll! I bought a Rivarossi Cab Forward Southern Pacific Lines #4272 at a recent model train show. I got it for a great price simply because it wasn't complete. It needs a few parts. I seem to be having trouble finding parts. I need a few parts on the second drive set (a driveshaft and the...
  4. thaddeusthudpucker

    Has ther been an internal shakeup at Athearn?

    Something big happen over at Athearn? I have emailed them twice asking them about some parts but haven't gotten a response. In the past I have gotten responses within a couple of days. Are they turning into MTH?!? (GOD FORBID!!!)
  5. Progress Shot-CSX/CR/NYC 86\' Auto Parts Boxcar(Crappy Photo)

    Progress Shot-CSX/CR/NYC 86\' Auto Parts Boxcar(Crappy Photo)

    This is a Walthers 86\' Hi-Cube CSX/CR/NYC Auto Parts Boxcar. I have not completed the weathering. It came factory-patched "NYC". I do not plan on selling it.