1. Close-up of embankment work

    Close-up of embankment work

    Using the same f16 Aperture I did on the prior shot along with a 28-105 Nikor lens along with a ISO 200 setting as well as adjusting the Fuji settings this is the shot I came up with. It should be noted that I shooting these at a Fine Jpg setting of 2304 x 1536 which yields a 3.5 Mp image...
  2. Areial type view of the S&A area

    Areial type view of the S&A area

    S&A from above, the flat car has an actual wood board load made up from Coffee stirring sticks glued to gether in stacks.
  3. Oil Pump

    Oil Pump

    Pump Oil, easy to construct, with simple materials.
  4. picture_0081


    Not my layout or pics, but was copied from the old gauge, in the old photo gallery, long since lost now.
  5. One of the Locals

    One of the Locals

    Not all of the residents of Ballard have a roof over their heads. Sometimes they hang out along the tracks. Most of them exchange friendly waves with the train crew.
  6. In the Shadow of Mt. Rainier

    In the Shadow of Mt. Rainier

    On the PSMRE layout in Tacoma, WA