o scale

  1. D

    O Scale 3-Rail Track Wiring question

    I am in the midst of brainstorming and I wanted to ask if anyone has ideas or has done the following idea that I've been pondering over. The idea: Signals are setup at switches that when thrown against a on-coming train would cause the train to slow down, stop but remain at a idle voltage to...
  2. JJCreatorOfWorlds

    First attempt at custom box car

    I tried out painting a box car for the first time. I'm much more used to making scenery and props for cosplay and D&D so am looking for some feedback. I plan on spending more time on the identification numbers as that seems to be the thing im missing most from a normal train car. What do you...
  3. S

    New to trains and railroad- just inherited my new fav hobby!

    Hello, new here and to model trains/railroads specifically, although I am very familiar with what makes them work. 🤖 I've been researching a little bit and learning the history which is pretty cool in itself. hopefully my pics will load so you can have a small glimpse of what I have. Can you...
  4. Graff

    San Miguel herald, an O scale building kit

    Hi all, I received a small package this morning. A plastic kit for an O scale house that I found on Wish com.
  5. T

    Help with Lionel Lionmaster Big Boy

    I have owned the older Lionmaster TMCC Big Boy model for a few years and have had problems operating it in conventional control with the Lionel C-80 transformer. At low speeds the model becomes erratic. It jerks forward, stops, and then repeats like this until about 50% power is applied. Then it...
  6. D

    Selling massive estate collection

    Hello, I’ve been posting on a few message boards my interest to sell a massive collection I recently inherited. The collection is mostly O gauge with some exceptions. It has American flyer, mth, Lionel, pride lines, lgb, McCoy, Ives, and more I’m sure. The collection spans a 2 story home and...
  7. R

    Delapidated Store in O Scale

    I recently completed this dilapidated O scale general store. Used article and plans in the Sept/Oct 1985 issue of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette by Joe Crea for his half inch scale model.
  8. J

    Norfolk Southern - Engine GP60 (2Rail) Pricing?

    Just wondering if I priced my engine about right... Norfolk Southern Scale O - Diesel Engine - Atlas - GP60 [2Rail DC] I put it for sale online for $275 (I see a 2Rail GP60 Atlas BNSF on Atlas site for $499.) I've been out of trains for years and was given this engine! Hoping to start a...
  9. Proto48Patrick

    Piping, any scale

    I have plans for a large paper mill. I'll need a lot of piping, which isn't that hard to figure out. What is a little more difficult is what to use for elbows. Im kinda a detail freak too, so I do plan on using straws and such more in the background and more detailed lines with flanges...
  10. Q

    Building after many yrs on the sidelines

    I have had my train since 1951 and have been collecting 0 scale over the last 30 yrs. I am building an O-scale layout in the garage. 8 x 12'. I am building in a coal and lumber motif.:)