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  1. R

    MTH Trains, The Ultimate Discussion..

    Alright guys, so we all know that when it comes to MTH the ho community is split in terms of liking or disliking their products and at the end it of the day it comes down to one thing, PROGRAMMING! I just watched this video of Mike Wolf, President of MTH, talking and in my observation defending...
  2. WLE284

    MTH 4500hp Turbine Smoke problems! !!PLEASE HELP!!

    I just purchased an MTH 4500-hp turbine and I'm trying to figure out why it wont smoke. I've checked the heating element inside the loco and its hot, the fan is working, tho no smoke is forming! The fluid I'm using is the "Proto-Smoke" that came with it since I've lost my other bottle of fluid...
  3. K

    MTH Alco PA DCC Address Issue

    I have three MTH HO Alco PA's (New Haven) running on a Digitrax DCC system. All three ran fine for a short while then none of them would keep an address for very long. Sometimes I have to re-program them several times a night. Sometimes they will not respond the throttle responses and I have...