1. Modeltrains2021

    Best way to strip paint on diecast boiler

    Hi i was wondering what the best way to strip paint on my mantua diecast boiler thankyou.
  2. Modeltrains2021

    Need help with what size kadees this locomotive needs

    Hi i acquired this mantua 0-4-0 switcher from a friend and was wondering if any of you know what style kadee it needs ill include pics of it thank you
  3. Modeltrains2021

    Mantua mikado

    Hi i was wondering if someone could tell me how old this mantua 2-8-2 is thankyou
  4. Modeltrains2021

    Steam 🚂 won't go into reverse

    Hi there i have a mantua Pacific and RSO Pacific and they won't go into reverse how do i fix it.
  5. Modeltrains2021

    Mantua mikado 2-8-2 parts

    Ik there's eBay but any good sites to look for mantua mikado 2-8-2 parts?. Thankyou
  6. Modeltrains2021

    HO scale steam lubrication

    How often do you guys lubricate/tune up your steam engines? trying to get a rough idea. Thankyou.
  7. Modeltrains2021

    Mantua 4-6-2

    Hi there just bought this mantua Pacific 4-6-2 steam locomotive what do you think? turning it into my own railroad.