1. Kadee HO PS2 covered hopper ATSF

    Kadee HO PS2 covered hopper ATSF

    Kadee PS2 2 bay covered hopper, ATSF. On my home layout
  2. azdiane

    Kadee mounting

    I recently went through our collection of HO rolling stock, and find I need to replace about fifty couplers. Quite a few old cars have one coupler missing, with the other coupler assembly held in place by what appears to be a spring-steel clip. I have the replacement Kadee couplers, but when I...
  3. R

    DCC controlled, loco-fitted uncoupler (modkit for HO scale)

    Hi guys, while playing around with my son he came up with the question why it isn't possible to just uncouple everywhere? This was indeed a good point so after a little bit of thinking I invented a solution for this - easy to retrofit as the installed coupler can remain in place...
  4. R


    Hello. I have a Devor dynamometer car. It has Devor couplers on it, and one of them moves, pulling a string, turning a pointer on a dial. The opposite end of the string is attached to a piece of spring steel, so that without a load on it the pointer parks at the same place over and over. So...
  5. D

    Problem with magnetic decoupler

    Hi ! I'm new to the hobby after 40 years ... and now that I have more time and patience (and more then my $1/week allowance :) I'm trying to get back. Things sure have changed ! I've decided to go with a fully DCC setup and am doing my first small layout for practice, a 1x6 foot, HO "shelf"...