1. Caboose Ind. High Level Switch stand.

    Caboose Ind. High Level Switch stand.

    Close-up of Caboose Ind's high level switch stand, photographed at the Anglin Oil siding on the C&S West SL RR.
  2. jbovinette

    Ho Scale Modern High Rises

    Hello all. I'm looking for modern day high rises in HO scale. Most of them will me backdrop. Does anyone have any ideas? Or would I have to make my own? Thanks, John
  3. A rumor..........

    A rumor..........

    On a tip, I made my way to the high Bridge at Ablemann to see something I was told "one doesn't see everyday". Imagine my surprise when a couple of MadCow geeps rolled onto the bridge with WOODEN parlor cars!!!
  4. NS GP50 6551????

    NS GP50 6551????

    Okay, this loco idetification doesn't show up on any roster, but oh well. NS 6551 GP50 everyone!
  5. High Lead

    High Lead

    Class A climax backing into the heel boom area where the logs will be loaded and taken to the sawmill.