1. Oh Christmas Tree

    Oh Christmas Tree

    The afternoon light fades as a Rio Grande crew cuts a Christmas tree, making good use of their time spent in the siding at Rocky. Earlier in the week brakeman Jim had spotted the nearly perfect tree near the east switch and promised to get it for his kids if he got the chance. While the engineer...
  2. Early Start

    Early Start

    D&RGW maintenance crews get an early start prepping EMD F3 and F9 locomotives for another hard days work at the coal mines of the Platte Canyon Subdivision as the first rays of a brilliant sunrise hit the ground.
  3. Welcome to Sedalia

    Welcome to Sedalia

    Train 2, the Royal Gorge, rolls into Sedalia for a brief station stop before heading up the Joint Line to Denver.
  4. GP35


    Lubing the flanges
  5. Hurry up and Wait 2

    Hurry up and Wait 2

    Grande freight waits for the all clear
  6. Hurry up and Wait

    Hurry up and Wait

    Grande freight waits as an opposing train speeds across the diamond.
  7. Taking the Main

    Taking the Main

    Eastbound loaded coal drag eases out of the siding at Lehigh Gulch onto the main.
  8. Waiting Assignment

    Waiting Assignment

    Grande SD7 and CB&Q U28 ready for their next assignments
  9. TLC


    True love is getting your number boards wiped down...
  10. F9


  11. P1K F3s

    P1K F3s

    F3 Makeover
  12. Clear Main

    Clear Main

    Grande freight blurs by with clear track ahead.
  13. Daybreak departure

    Daybreak departure

    Grande F9 heads west at first light on the Platte Canyon Spur.
  14. Caboose Track

    Caboose Track

    Awaiting an Assignment
  15. Full Moon on the Front Range

    Full Moon on the Front Range

    A full moon in the Rockies is brilliant, but a good flashlight is still needed to check air hoses.
  16. Finished Flashlight Fred.

    Finished Flashlight Fred.

    Painted figure with flashlight
  17. Police Report!

    Police Report!

    D&RGW train crew talks to local cops about recent vandalism on RR property. The cops aren't to serious though, note the coffee and doughnuts!
  18. Platte Canyon Passenger Service

    Platte Canyon Passenger Service

    Westbound Train 7 blazes thru Platte Canyon.
  19. F9


    F9 #5774 speeds toward Pueblo on October 23,1965
  20. Eastbound F3 led Freight heads toward the Joint Line

    Eastbound F3 led Freight heads toward the Joint Line

    Eastbound F3 led Freight heads toward the Joint Line