1. ChinaHaun19

    Who knew N gauge could be so gorgeous?!

    Months ago my mom bought herself an N gauge Bachman diesel-led train set to add to our house of train living. I would set it up then take it down time to time, and some of the train track got funky and the loco it came with became a little less reliable. Once I saw this steam locomotive New...
  2. Mammoth Cave Railroad

    Mammoth Cave Railroad

    Mammoth Cave Railroad circa 1919.
  3. B

    Gauge 1 Live Steam Track Construction

    Dear Friends, I've recently posted a video on YouTube showing construction of my outdoor gauge 1 track. The second-half shows quite a bit of live steam running action. Footage includes some scratch built Pullman sleeper cars as well. They are resin cast from plans I developed using the 1943 Car...
  4. LDMartin1959

    "Newbie" Guidance Requested

    I am considering getting into scale railroading and would appreciate some guidance. I have what I suspect are extremely conflicting criteria but I don't know what is going to be of more significance amoung those. If I pursue this am debating between HO and N-gauge. As I see it, the pluses and...
  5. my Hon3 roster

    my Hon3 roster

  6. Biffy


    a new scratch built car
  7. double header on the bridge

    double header on the bridge

    scratch built bridge
  8. eTraxx

    Railroad Gauge Width

    Found this very interesting Russian website - Railroad Gauge Width .. this page is in English ..
  9. Logging in Chicago

    Logging in Chicago

    This night shot of a logging/lumber operation of a narrow gauge garden railroad.
  10. Some new built DPMs

    Some new built DPMs

    And they are still playing.
  11. Rio Como Shop Area

    Rio Como Shop Area

    This is a module that I built 20 years ago. It's long gone now, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing the photos. The module was built on a hollow core door - yes I was a pioneer in this department. I is HOn3 with a bit of standard gauge and all track was hand laid code 55 on railcraft ties.