1. Modeltrains2021

    Steam decals

    Hi there I'm looking for steam decals.
  2. Michael J

    Tiny decal technique

    Is there any technique to putting on decals of individual letters? I got some Microscale decals of letters so I could spell out words that do not come standard. But positioning a string of 1/8-inch letters is tricky. I put them on the surface with a tweezer, and attempt to slide them into place...
  3. N

    custom norfolk southern dash 9-40cw

    hey guys, I am modeling norfolk southern dsah 9-40cw as prototypical as possible. I will be using a athearn blue box dash 9-40cw unpowered kit for this project. The only down fall is that the light postion on the front of the locomotive is incorrect. They are in the nose by the door, i will be...
  4. K

    Saving Decals while repainting old freight car

    I have been refurbishing some ancient but still salvagable freight cars. Several have great, unique decals. However I need to airbrush paint the cars. How can I preserve the old decal signage. If I mask it, it will look as if the signs have different paint behind them.:confused:
  5. T

    looking for custom decal manufacturers

    Hi folks, I'm Thaddeus from Northern California. Obviously, I'm new here, but not new to Model Railroading. I had some decals made years ago by a now defunct outfit. Now I need more. I have the proofs. I ran across a listing here somewhere of decal manufacturers, but now I can't find it! I...