dcc help

  1. A

    DCC trouble shooting

    I have small double loop n scale layout with turnouts connecting the two loops. I just finished wiring the layout for DCC, and when i run one locomotive, everything works flawlessly, but when i add a second locomotive, they work briefly, then the entire layout loses power. Any insight as to...
  2. Jupiter60

    Looking for recommendations for having TCS wowsound installed in a brass locomotive.

    I'm working on converting a brass HALLMARK MODELS HO scale Colorado Midland 4-6-0 into Sierra Railway No. 3, however I have absolutely no knowledge in the DCC installation field and would like to put TCS wowsound in it. It has a can motor but would also need tender pickups, and a functional...
  3. NorthTexasRailroad

    EZ-Track and NCE Powercab

    I'm currently running DC on my layout, but I want to switch to DCC for a variety of reasons. NCE Powercab seems like the way to go for an entry-level DCC system, but I wasn't sure how well it will work with connecting to EZ-Track. I read elsewhere on a blog to simply cut the wired connector...
  4. KeeperofToast

    Motor-only decoder

    I am scratchbuilding a turntable, and I'd like to operate it using DCC. I don't need a sound decoder or one that controls extra functions, just one that controls the speed and direction of the motor I'm using. Any recommendations for decoders to use for this purpose?
  5. R

    Broadway limited Help! (Paragon 2 Hudson)

    So My paragon 2 Hudson arrived in the mail today and to my surprise it didn't work! What happened was I put it on the track, programmed it to the address I wanted ran it for a couple minutes then shut the power off. It turns out that when I went to turn the power on again the train wouldn't run...
  6. H


    Hi, My son and I are new to this site, and he is also 'new' to Model Railroading. He's received a number of sets over the years, and we finally have the space to occasionally lay down the track. and run some trains. I used to model in N scale (20 years ago), but we are now doing HO. Since we...
  7. B

    DCC locomotive conversion help

    I want to convert my AHC Rivarossi GG1 from DC to DCC. I want to use an ESU LokSound V4.0 for the conversion. Does anyone have experience with this conversion? Does anyone have an installation diagram I can download? Thank you. blynam
  8. F

    dcc wiring question

    hello in using atlas true track i want to run a bus wire but im not sure how to do that my question is, is the bus wire a continues loop or do you just dead end it i know you connect the bus line into the controller i just don't know what to do at the end of the bus line please help, this is dcc