1. CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302 (right side)

    CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302 (right side)

    This is the other side of my scratch built SD90MAC-H-II. In case you missed the left side, it is a scratch built shell (started life as a RPP) on a Kato drive.
  2. Model of CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302

    Model of CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302

    This is my model of CP 9302, my namesake unit! The frame and drive are Kato, the walkways and sills are RPP and the rest is scratch built using styrene, Cannon doors and many other detail parts. I built this in the late 1990's, and it still looks right at home with my more recent builds...
  3. Oak Yard's new Critter

    Oak Yard's new Critter

    The new car shop switcher, a Track Mobile, moves cars at the Oak Yard car shop on the Windsor Modular Railroad Club layout.
  4. CP Proceeds over Diamond

    CP Proceeds over Diamond

    A SB CP manifest proceeds over the diamond as a British passenger train sits at the station.
  5. CP on a Cloudy Day

    CP on a Cloudy Day

    A pair of CP EMDs lead a manifest Southbound towards Ulah IL on a cloudy day
  6. CP Mug Shot

    CP Mug Shot

    Here is a nose shot of a CP GE.
  7. CP Overtakes Amtrak

    CP Overtakes Amtrak

    A CP freight on the pass overtakes an Amtrak Train on the main at Chip Yard.
  8. CP Passenger Train at Erie

    CP Passenger Train at Erie

    A CP passenger excursion sits at Erie IL as the sun sets.
  9. CP Passenger Train Taking Off

    CP Passenger Train Taking Off

    A CP Passenger excursion takes off from the Erie Depot.
  10. FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    An FA-1 AB set sits quietly on the trestle just a few hundred metres from the summit after stalling out, and it will have to wait for a pair of GP9s to come from the helper base before it can continue
  11. Lots of Red

    Lots of Red

  12. Fresh repaints

    Fresh repaints

    Looking at this photo you'd probably think this is pretty new stuff for the early 90s. A Geep painted in the dual flag sheme (NAFTA) livery, a VIA blue car and a red colored SOO boxcar. These are all repaints/rebuild however. The 40' boxcar has been around for many years in an older SOO livery...
  13. BN+VIA+CP?


    Who else but powershort CP would run such a strange consist? BN C-Liner VIA F40PH-2 CP F7B Sure gets the job done.
  14. A Little Tug Geep Unit!

    A Little Tug Geep Unit!

    A little tugger GP9M in CP's Dual Flags paint scheme!


    A good-nice looking Athearn model of CP 5647 in the "Expo 86 Vancouver" paint!
  16. CP 1522

    CP 1522

    When shopping around for locomotives, this one caught my eye. Walthers has a huge selection of GP9M's, in many liveries. CP livery is done better then CN IMHO. So I bought it, primarily for switching and transfer duty. Here it's sititng at the station along with an IHC BN C-Liner, awaiting their...
  17. CP 9302

    CP 9302

    CP SD90MAC-H II 9302 holds up happy hour. Taken at the Essex Train Show 2005
  18. CP 9102

    CP 9102

    Taken at the Essex Train Show 2005