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  1. CNW #8542, NS #9255

    CNW #8542, NS #9255

    CNW #8542 and NS #9255 rolling by on the train.
  2. 3 six-axle engines on a freight

    3 six-axle engines on a freight

    BN/BNSF #9477, NS #9255, CNW #8542 on hauling a freight.
  3. Mug Shot of UP 1995

    Mug Shot of UP 1995

    UP 1995 at Wilton Jct. IL.
  4. The Passing  of "Old Friends"

    The Passing of "Old Friends"

    While an elderly couple mourns the departure of a friend, one can't help thinking of the "Fallen Flag" in the backround.
  5. The MadCow  "Guernsey 400"

    The MadCow "Guernsey 400"

    Although the power still waves the CNW flag, This is really the Twin-Cities to Chicago day train, operated by the MadCow. Note the UP inspired paint scheme on the first sleeper. This car is lettered for the CNW.
  6. Get 'em before they get new stencils!!

    Get 'em before they get new stencils!!

    A 'pure' CNW F7A leads a sister and a GP-9 westbound at Ablemann. These units are starting to get the MCOW re-stenciling.
  7. Best shot I could get, for now.

    Best shot I could get, for now.

    The FP45B unit #8 with dynamyics wailing, roars by at 50 mph on the shippers special. This is one RARE unit!!
  8. A rare treat!

    A rare treat!

    With bi-level commuter cars in tow, The NorthWesterns' rarest power make an appearance on a shippers special. Here SD40T-2 #8960 leads the 45B unit on a westbound journey.
  9. Ex-CNW 416 arrives with MadCow Brass

    Ex-CNW 416 arrives with MadCow Brass

    An ex commuter F7A arrives with a sister on the point of an executive special touring the system.
  10. GP-35 #845 Eastbound

    GP-35 #845 Eastbound

    Lots of action on the new MadCow Route. Here a trio of 4-axle geeps led by GP-35 845 cross highway 26 as they slow for work in Dachshundville.
  11. GP-9  #1755 EB at Dachshundville

    GP-9 #1755 EB at Dachshundville

    Eastbound time-freight led by ex-CNW 1755 slows to 40mph as she passes through Dachshundville on the MadCow Route.
  12. 'New' Arrivals for Baraboo!!

    'New' Arrivals for Baraboo!!

    Still wearing the old CNW freight scheme, F7A 4083 leads a train of retired James E. Strates carnival cars over the Ablemann high bridge.
  13. MadCow Employee Special

    MadCow Employee Special

    Employess of the Madison Central of Wisconsin Ry. enjoy a Saturday excursion over the newly acquired Reedsburg sub. Managment runs the special train seen here at the Ablemann High Bridge.
  14. The Dairyland "400"

    The Dairyland "400"

    With the CNW takeover in transition, a wild assortment of power is common. Case in point, an ex-CNW E7A leads FP45B and an E7B on the eastbound journey to Madison.
  15. Going to be a busy day....

    Going to be a busy day....

    Ex-CNW 1203 gets into position for spotting the empties arriving from the west. The GP-30 & GP-9 are now owned by the Madison Central of Wisconsin, a private entity.
  16. The "Guernsey 400"

    The "Guernsey 400"

    Ex-CNW, now MadCow Route F7A #427 leads sister F7A #416 westbound at the quarry at Ablemann.
  17. Under new ownership....

    Under new ownership....

    New owner Madison Central of Wisconsin is under control of the Ex-CNW Madison Division. Five brothers from Baraboo Wisconsin have purchased the line and a large assortment of equipment. Here a MadCow SD50 and SD40T-2 arrive at Ablemann with an empty rock train for loading.
  18. The Guernsey Limited

    The Guernsey Limited

    The Guernsey Limited glides eastbound on it's first trip under new ownership. The CNW has spun off the Madison Division, along with a pile of equipment to a group based out of Baraboo. The new name for the railroad is Madison Central of Wisconsin and is referred to as the "MadCow...
  19. GP30 at Dachshundville

    GP30 at Dachshundville

    #822, a GP30, has a good pull on a westbound local. On the return trip, the crew will switch the mill and elevator here.
  20. Smalltown Thunder

    Smalltown Thunder

    A pair of CNW GP-35's Rumble through Dachshundville on an eastbound manifest.

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