1. Warehouse buildings

    Warehouse buildings

    This is the potato warehouse located along the tracks in the depot area. The design was recreated from photography taken in 1915.
  2. Warehouse buildings

    Warehouse buildings

    Another view of the Crex warehouses. The second building was actually 350\' long, the one on the right is about right in scale to the actual.
  3. New expansion as of 3-20-10

    New expansion as of 3-20-10

    The lower main line traverse of Amalagmate hill pushes toward the little Five Oaks Station as expahnsion continues on the C & S West Short Line.
  4. Areial type view of the S&A area

    Areial type view of the S&A area

    S&A from above, the flat car has an actual wood board load made up from Coffee stirring sticks glued to gether in stacks.
  5. S&A sideings OAV

    S&A sideings OAV

    A wide angle view showing the sideings and main line of he Serpha Copper & Iron Works and the Anglin Oil Facility. The main line passes near the embankment with the wood retaining wall. The maskig tape in the picture was used to cover the extra black lines drawn to determine my final...