1. M

    Rapido FPA-4

    Good evening all, this is my first post on this site. I am in search of an HO scale Rapido MLW FPA-4. I have an analog layout, so DC only please. My first preference for roads would be the New York and Lake Erie FPA-4 (item #20031). Grand Canyon Railway (item #20027/20028), and Canadian...
  2. ellocoloco

    My Spanish ALCo repaints.

    Electrotren have produced a number of models of the Type 316 DL500A since 2006 and I have three of the contractors versions - RENFE had withdrawn the type by the mid nineties- but I wanted another one from private operator TECSA for my future layout to go with the VIAS, COMSA and AZVI locos I...
  3. ALCO-SP


    Modified brass ALCo with Stewart Hobbies chassis.
  4. S

    Model Railroader Cyclopedia-Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives

    The Kalmbach book, "Model Railroader Cyclopedia-Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives" has drawings/plans of 70 significant diesel locomotives. Can anyone tell me which locomotives are covered by these drawings? Specifically I'm looking for the EMD GP-7 and F-7 and the ALCO FA-1, RS-1,2, & 3...
  5. FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    An FA-1 AB set sits quietly on the trestle just a few hundred metres from the summit after stalling out, and it will have to wait for a pair of GP9s to come from the helper base before it can continue