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    Newspaper Reporter Looking for Interview - Springfield, IL area

    I'm an hour away from Springfield. If you would like you can email me in regards to your story. You can send me a message through the website. Just go to my contact info under my user profile.
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    Online shopping

    I'm not going to be too big of help with my general answers but here goes. The "DCC ready" could mean it has a decoder or simply that it's ready for a decoder as in it has the NMRA plugs. From what I've read "DCC ready" means different things from different manufacturers. As for it having sound...
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    I plan on having a police car on my layout, something along the lines of Willie's Warning offered by Woodland Scenics. Maybe even a police station if I can find one I like.
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    If you won last weeks lottery...

    I've always thought I would try and get the high school baseball field some lights. When I was in school I always hated when we had to stop playing because it was dark.
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    Forum question

    I'll attempt to answer this although I'm going by trial and error. I think you have to type the words you want to be able to click on such as Ken's pics then you highlight those words and click on the insert link button. Then just type in the link you want. I'll post this now to see if it...
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    New track plan?

    Hey Jos! Thanks for that drawing. It gave me an idea of what my layout could be like. That's a pretty cool design and talent you have! I'd still like to hear other suggestions as to whether my plan has any major design flaws! Thanks!
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    New track plan?

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've been here. I have since made a few changes to my track plan. Here is my first track plan post. My first track plan in this post involves the use of 32" mainline for my passenger service. Then the major difference with the next one involves an...
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    My first layout! part 2

    Well here's another update. I extended the upper most siding to allow for longer trains. All the buildings are just for show nothing set in stone yet. I guess the same goes for everything else too! I'll probably change the river/ large stream to make it only cross one or two tracks. The bridges...
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    My first layout! part 2

    Carey, Thanks for all your suggestions. I have one question about your idea. Didn't you create another reverse loop inside a reverse loop at the ends of the bypass and the main to the right? I might be wrong but it looks similar to how Eric had his idea.
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    My first layout! part 2

    Ken that looks great!! The only reason I was doing a continuous loop was because I didn't like the idea of reverse loop wiring. Now that I see a good track plan, they don't seem that bad! Am I looking at 2 reverse loops on your suggested track? As far as the scenic divider at the coal mine, I...
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    My first layout! part 2

    Ken - The blue part is indeed the walls of the basement, while the brown is what I'll call the inside of the benchwork. The benchwork is 48" high. Willis - I'm not sure if this is what you mean by operations but I'm thinking of a layout with more running trains than actual switching or maybe...
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    My first layout! part 2

    This is my second post of my layout. Please give me some hints and tips to make it a better layout overall! This is an HO Illinois Central freelance layout in the 40's and 50's. Here are a couple things you should know first! 1. The aisle widths are fine. I know this because I already have...
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    paint/seal plywood & foam?

    My basement somewhat remains the same temp and humidity as the rest of the house so I don't think that will be an issue.
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    paint/seal plywood & foam?

    I'm getting ready to put the plywood down (1/4") on top of that I plan on putting the 2" pink foam from Home Depot. Do I need to paint or seal either of these or both? Thanks, Aaron
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    Building kits

    You guys answered my question. The two kits I was looking at were Accurail and Roundhouse Products. Thanks!

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