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    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    it's too bad you didn't like the prodigy .... but apples and oranges .. the power cab is a bit more money though ..
  2. wvg_ca

    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    true, but you are then limited to the lower power output of the express system , but it can be 'boosted' up,
  3. wvg_ca

    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    I don't know .. don't have the trouble you have had ... and with the same system , normally run 3 to 5 locos, 2 or 3 with sound at the same time, no issues, don't run consists, no need to, by the way this is HO on mostly a 2.5% grade ...
  4. wvg_ca

    3-D Printers

    In your question you mention buildings, which can be easily done with a filament printer, which costs from $150 and up, but figures, which you also mention, are better done with a resin printer, which costs more, and has a greater cleanup routine ... For reference, I only have a filament...
  5. wvg_ca

    Flashing LED circuit?

    looks very similar to the one I photographed, the capacitors might be a bit smaller, but not a big deal ... the default rate was about 1 flash per second .. the price is a bit higher, but not much either ..
  6. wvg_ca

    Flashing LED circuit?

    the vendor doesn't have anything for sale right now was icstation [seller name]
  7. wvg_ca

    Flashing LED circuit?

    this one is off ebay, the kit [complete] is a buck [shipped] .. don't have a schematic handy rhough
  8. wvg_ca

    Another Ebay mystery

    most of his ads state that canadians would pay 29 bucks, but it comes up as 55 bucks, an easy pass, lol
  9. wvg_ca

    Another Ebay mystery

    Actually the shipping to canada shows up as 55 bucks [US], really shadey, lol
  10. wvg_ca

    What brand of DAP to use for laying foam/ cork roadbed and track ?

    I used DAP alex plus, in the clear version [white when applied], and it's held up well, over six years now .. for foam to wood, and track to foam , just a thin film is all that is needed, spread with a scrap piece of foam or something like that .. no paint needed, just ballast over the top ..
  11. wvg_ca

    Looking for Max Shim Thickness for Peco 100 Guard Rails

    had an issue with atlas code 100 custom line No 6 turnouts, but it was in the depth, not the width ..
  12. wvg_ca

    Coupler Height

    I'm only two generations from 'across the water', so the DNA for Canadians thingy hasn't hit me [yet], lol
  13. wvg_ca

    Coupler Height

    It looks like you only have about half of the coupler engaged ... I know, your railroad, your rules
  14. wvg_ca

    NMRA Standards Gauge

    I used an On30 Forney to accomplish much the same purpose , the only piece of On30 that I have, lol It was easier to use than the gauge, I have two or three of the gauges, I keep misplacing them...
  15. wvg_ca

    Total post count and join date?

    Xenforo itself does have the ability to sort members by join date , but I -assume- that option is not available to the average user ??

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