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    NMRA Standards Gauge

    I used an On30 Forney to accomplish much the same purpose , the only piece of On30 that I have, lol It was easier to use than the gauge, I have two or three of the gauges, I keep misplacing them...
  2. wvg_ca

    Total post count and join date?

    Xenforo itself does have the ability to sort members by join date , but I -assume- that option is not available to the average user ??
  3. wvg_ca

    Total post count and join date?

    Went on a search to find out how to display by join date, oldest first, and no luck there ... I can see individual ones, but not a list ?
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    Requesting feedback on idea for foam noise dampening on layout

    for best sound insulation, you need to use flexible caulking, but drawback is that DAP is not water soluable like white glue ..[which is very hard, and transmits noise]
  5. wvg_ca

    Requesting feedback on idea for foam noise dampening on layout

    i used a two inch layer on top of 3/8 plywood, the results were good ... remember to use a flexible adhesive on the foam, i used DAP alex caulking .. i also glued the track to the foam, again DAP caulking
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    the inside and outside loops can be run continuously, the sidings just go a bit back and forth, so usually one siding at a time ..
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    don't know ... i run one train to the east on the inside loop ... then i run another train to the west on the outside loop, i can easily do this as i select the crossovers to not change one loop for the other, in other words two seperated loops .. i then run logging on a siding with another loco...
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    there's always MRC also, got it here, and I like it :)
  9. wvg_ca

    Body mounted coupler on passenger cars

    actually, most manufacturer's recommend truck mounted [or Talgo] adapters for longer passenger cars ... especially if you intend to use diaphragms .. I -assume- HO scale ..
  10. wvg_ca

    Bad Can of Dullcote

    I suppose that it's possible that you got a bad can ... Do the models you have sprayed ALL show up later as semi-gloss ???
  11. wvg_ca

    MRC AD310 Decoders

    the mrc decoder will work with newer controllers, but does have some limitations .. 1/ it's only good for two digit addresses, [1-99] and 2/ they only seem to support a 14 step speed range ?? Consequently something newer would be more suitable, from pretty well any manufacturer....
  12. wvg_ca

    Wire Harness Digitrax SDXH166D - Cut Wire

    yes, the capacitor helps with the operation of the decoder ... and yes, join the two ends together, solder, and shrink tube, the wire length is not very critical
  13. wvg_ca

    Displaying the unused

    this was my answer to display of unused .... track was brass glued down was made a while ago by another fellow, cost was sixty, canadian
  14. wvg_ca

    Anyone Else See This Error?

    it's pretty close ... better than some others, lol
  15. wvg_ca

    DCC and Track Cleaning and Locomotive Wheels

    available on ebay .. get the smallest size possible, you don't need much ..

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