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  1. wombat457

    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    Ahh, I miss my G Gauge :(
  2. wombat457

    Yankee Dabbler and Steve's Depot

    I'd suggest that "Store Closing" would imply they are going out of business. If the were just moving to another store, for example, you'd think they'd specify that.
  3. wombat457

    Forum Notification E-mails and how to stop them.

    Could have something to do with the site not being a HTTP/S site meaning that everything that is sent to and from the forums is not encrypted, it all goes and comes in "plain language". As such, google possibly regards all messages sent from the forums as suspicious.
  4. wombat457

    Walthers Champion Packing Plant

    Great job Garry
  5. wombat457

    1953 Pawling Station project update.

    Very nicely done Sir!
  6. wombat457

    Rebuilding An Existing Structure and Starting Over

    Greg, get the new kit and save yourself some potential headaches.
  7. wombat457

    Bachmann Porter 0-6-0

    You could be right on both counts, more so the first, but it is possibly more likely that people just can't offer an answer. In any case, are you saying the wheels don't keep contact with the track, they lift of it thereby causing the engine to loose power?
  8. wombat457

    Took the N scale plunge. Layout first thoughts

    Any updates on your layout?
  9. wombat457

    Who makes the best model diesel locomotives?

    who makes the BEST model Diesel Locomotive ... hands down, KATO, no one else comes close.
  10. wombat457

    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    This year marks my 19th year of retirement and have never been busier :)
  11. wombat457

    Input on new layout, and new member

    I'm with the others, the biggest attraction for me is the fact that the plan doesn't follow the bench work edges. It is an interesting plan with a lot of possibilities along the way.
  12. wombat457

    Royal Pacific Railway Layout....

    Okay, so a number of screw ups have occurred over the past few weeks namely - my Foam Order getting screwed up and only being shipped yesterday afternoon AND UPS (bless their negligent little hearts) "LOST" my Micro Mark Digital Level! Both items are needed before I can do anything more to the...
  13. wombat457

    My adventures in Ho Scale.

    Agreed, making good progress and it is looking good Mike, despite it being HO :p :D!
  14. wombat457

    Royal Pacific Railway Layout....

    They come in a variety of road names, engine types, no maintenance AND thy're cheap .... hell, they're perfect for any layout or scale :)
  15. wombat457

    Royal Pacific Railway Layout....

    Yu gotta luv those that can't be seen :)

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