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    Modern "Tilt" Style Concrete Warehouses & Accessories

    Hello everyone, does anyone remember the Nu-Line Structures modern warehouse kits? I was extremely bummed out when they went out of business and their kits became extremely hard to get ahold of. Their kits were pretty neat and allowed one to construct a custom warehouse to fit their own needs...
  2. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Little update on this, finally got the first 2 Walthers Road-To-Rail Kits in and started putting them together! I decided that I am going to make this a little bigger then I had originally planned, ill have to do some re-arranging but it will be worth it to have a larger more realistic looking...
  3. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Does anyone live in the Bakersfield, CA area? The facility I pictured above is of the Baker-Hughes Terminal in Shafter CA. Wondering if anyone has any photos or could possibly get any photos from visiting the facility. Cant seem to find too many pictures online
  4. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Ive been doing some thinking and trying to find some kits that I could use to make my facility look more like the one at Halliburton's Windsor Frac Sand Terminal in Colorado. While the Walthers kit is a good start, there is alot more detail that can be added to the tops of the silos and bucket...
  5. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Rick, Id love to see some pics if you've got them! :D
  6. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Ken, that is a sweet looking model! Not bad for something you scrapped and bashed together from spare parts lol. Those bulk trailers look fantastic! Im hoping the ones I get from Shapeways will actually come out looking presentable lol Thanks for sharing!
  7. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Thanks for the pic! Ill have to look that facility up and see if I can get some good photos. Still in the planning stages for mine and trying to figure out what exactly I want to do lol. Would you happen to have any photos from when you used to work there?
  8. Trucklover

    Road to Rail Frac Sand Transfer Facility

    Ive got some extra room on the end of my Tire Facility im building and have been looking for something to fill the hole without taking too much attention away from the main focus of the larger Tire Facility. After searching the Cornerstone Series kits, I came across the newer Road-To-Rail...
  9. Trucklover

    Covered Hoppers used for Carbon Black Transportation

    Thanks for the link, ill have to spend some time and have a look through some of those to see if I can get some more shots a little closer to the bottom sides and roofs. Thats alot more pictures then I had originally looked through, so I greatly appreciate the link! I know all too well about...
  10. Trucklover

    Covered Hoppers used for Carbon Black Transportation

    Hello everyone, been a little while since I was last one here. Got back into modeling a little bit lately and started some work on my Tire Plant Facility. had bought some of the Rail Shops Carbon Black Covered Hopper kits but hit a "snag". 1) They are kits that I thought I would enjoy building...
  11. Trucklover

    HO Scale Construction Signs, Cones, and Details

    Hello everyone, I recently started making some things that are not so readily available on the HO scale market. Ive been using Shapeways and their 3D Printing to create some pretty neat little details so far that I have not really seen in HO scale. Being that I like to model construction...
  12. Trucklover

    My new (and maybe improved) layout

    Your progress is looking great! Love all the industry choices and looking forward to seeing more pictures and things coming together!
  13. Trucklover

    Tire Plant Facility

    Been a little while but was able to get some more work done on the facility this afternoon. A roof has been added and a cardboard back wall has been cut to close off the backside. I also worked on a overhead semi enclosed roof for the freight car shipping docks. This is partly due to the fact...
  14. Trucklover

    Introducing, Plasticville Estates

    Cool cool, looks good! Ill have to be sure to order one of them on my next round :D
  15. Trucklover

    Opinions on 3D Printing

    Yeah im going to go ahead and get one of each in WSF, WD, and FUD to see whats best and if I should even offer WSF for these things. From the pictures that Shapeways has generated, they all look to be pretty good! But we will see. Im rather pleased with the pricing on the ones ive done so far as...

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