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    Making Decals with a Jet Ink Printer

    I use clear and white decal paper I bought on amazon. Much cheaper than the Testors and comes in full sheets unlike the Testors half sheets. I use testors Decal Bonder spray over the printed decals and after affixing to model they get a coat of Walthers Solvaset decal setting solution. this...
  2. rlundy90

    National Model Railroad Association - Achievement Award

    The whole idea behind the Achievement Program is to become a better modeler. There are quite a few Master Model Railroaders in the club I belonged to. They got to the level they were at by competing against other modelers and by completing all the requirements. I can't see a reason not to give...
  3. rlundy90

    Show Your Face

    Me and my White Shepherd Miska.
  4. rlundy90

    Christmas Presents

    This Christmas the wife and I decided to purchase 1 thing we could both use. WE bought a Cricut cutting machine. MY wife has bad arthritis in her hands and it is only a matter of time for me. This machine cuts leather, up to 1/16" basswood, up to 3/32" balsa, styrene and all types of paper...
  5. rlundy90

    Building Models

    I am like Railrunner. I bounce back and forth between different projects. I like building any type of model. I currently have about half dozen or so railroad projects, 2 RC planes and 2 wooden ships on the go. I get tired or bored with one, I jump to another one. Everything gets finished sooner...
  6. rlundy90

    Who of you, love building kits?

    Mark. I wish mine were all built. Won't have to worry about that, though. I'm changing scales and selling most of these. Just going to keep what I need for my HO Greater Winnipeg Water District. I started into On30 now. Greg Good to hear from you. I drop in once in a while, but not frequently...
  7. rlundy90

    Who of you, love building kits?

    I have been a kit builder for over 50 yrs now. I work mostly with wood models. I build wood structures, rolling stock, RC planes and wooden ships. I enjoy improving my skills with each model I build usually being more challenging than the next. The only RTR I have is the locomotives. Pretty much...
  8. rlundy90

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jim.
  9. rlundy90

    Scratch building an icing platform

    Bass wood is better if you want to paint the model. If you are going to stain it, the balsa looks much better if you want the weathered look. The balsa has a looser grain, which shows up much better when stained than bass wood. As far as softness goes, you can get balsa in hard grades as well...
  10. rlundy90

    Scratch building an icing platform

    I have a Suncoast Models icing platform kit if you are interested. Yours for $30 plus postage.
  11. rlundy90

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
  12. rlundy90

    Freight Car Kit Or Scratch Build Contest.

    I use a simple little program called Image resizer for Windows. All you do is right click on a photo and it comes up. I resize to large and have never had a problem posting anywhere. I take all my photos at about 5Mb. If you Google Brice Lambson it will come up. I have been using this program...
  13. rlundy90

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Happy Birthday, Buddy!
  14. rlundy90

    Freight Car Kit Or Scratch Build Contest.

    Nice work on those models guys. Here's an On30 kit from Boulder Valley Models, built on an HO Bachmann 45 tonner.
  15. rlundy90

    Card Models?

    They're all right for background stuff, but I wouldn't use them for foreground. Still can't beat wood for wood buildings and plastic for the modern stuff. I think Scalescenes still has a free one you can build. I found it kind of hard to hide the white edges where I cut out the pieces. I was all...

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