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    thinking at getting out of model railroad

    The heart should be a improvement if the surgery works and there no problems the other health problems are becoming worst but for the most part are not life theating the mass they found last year don't appear to be a problem
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    thinking at getting out of model railroad

    Been a rough year my health as been bad and the medical bills have destroyed any chance to buy lumber and train equipment or even FD das. So I got a empty room with boxes of model railroad stuff just sitting there. Plus I planed to up grade my rolling stock and found its not worth it that's...
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    How do you quit second-guessing your track plan?

    thinking the same as Greg about the plexiglass around the edge. as for second guessing yourself you will probly do that the day you tell yourself your done building your layout. there will alwas be something you will want to improve or change. know you just need to push on build your track your...
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    Hello from Down Under

    howdy and welcome to the forum
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    Snow operations

    Half the power you can't see through the snow.
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    Amtrak train derails in Kansas, 11 injured

    Semi driver illegal alien ran truck into track damaging the track got the truck off didn't report the accident afraid of getting arrested. So people got hurt. At lest the police cought the truck driver
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    Amtrak train derails in Kansas, 11 injured

    Thay are saying a semi truck damaged that portion of track and that caused the derail but it's still bad track. The main opened last night and the moved the Amtrak toa siding for their investigation.
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    Hey everyone, new to model railroading!

    Welcome to forum I to started with bachmann and still use some of the equipment. It does the job. Like Willie asked what guage you plan to use are and era. Plus how much space do you have for your layout a room or something smaller. I would suggest a good computer planning program like scarm...
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    my engine caught fire

    Glad your OK do you know what started the fire.
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    Amtrak train derails in Kansas, 11 injured

    Talked to some of the BNSF crews in newton rumur is track failed. If I hear anything i will post.
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    I need ideas

    What's is in the area around city or country if it's country you may think of a feedlot or a sand pit
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    NMRA Feedback

    I have looked into it myself but just don't have the time to drive to wichita. Maybe they need to see if the can set video meetings for all the people who would like to join that don't live near divisions.
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    You can't cure stupid

    that takes skill to be that dumb its to bad this people are out there
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    hy rail kaboda

    Testing track at lest that what i been told

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