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    Comment by 'Ironhead' in media 'In the Shadow of Mt. Rainier'

    I've been in that area, and on that mountain. This background depics sporadic cloud cover, and the shades and lighting are 100% accurate. Anyone who says differently needs to exit his basement and go for a hike once and a while.
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    Walthers - Unfair Competition

    I'm one of those people that believes in supporting the local businesses rather than a superstore or online store. If we don't, perhaps in 20-30 years Walmart will have a nice selection of 10 locomotives and the nearest LHS will be 250 miles away. I funnel all my dollars there if I can. Let me...
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    Weather Attempt 5

    Well, of course, and I think everyone understands this, Brakie. I was simply pointing out that NOTHING can be over weathered compared to that Soo Line on page 5. That thing is disgraceful. And it would look great on my railroad.:D
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    Weather Attempt 5

    Check out the prototypes on page 5.;)
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    Unpowered Remote Turnout Controls

    I'm getting to the point where I need to make a decision on this subject. I'm very interested in the controls available from They look and work great from everything I'm told. I've searched this topic but I'm not having any luck finding modelers who've posted complete tutorials...

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