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    P&W Enclosed auto racks?

    They look a little strange in their bone/grey/white paint...
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    Some CN units from my collection...

    Beautiful units, SGS!! :)
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    Weekly Photo Fun 7/24-7/30

    What you can do with derailed hopper cars. Taken on a farm in southern Manitoba last week.
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    Independence (and Canada) Day Photo Fun

    Is DOUG the name of the locomotive or the engineer?:rolleyes:
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    Good sites for Canadians?

    I've visited the one in Winkler a few years ago. I sure was surprised to find such an excellent section of model trains in a hardware store! :eek::)
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    Weekly Photo Fun 4-24/4-30

    MLW, your layout captures that city railway kind of look very well. :)
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    Weekly Photo Fun 4-24/4-30

    Always my kids' favorite stop at the Woodstock shows. :D
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    Trucklover's Index Thread

    Glad to see you found your way over here from that other forum that everyone abandoned. :)
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    The BOeC

    Beautiful work! Well done! :)
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    Please critique my 4x8' HO layout plan

    So are you planning on adding some GEXR landmarks?
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    New to forum- CNR GP9rm 7052

    Excellent work! How hard did you find the Kaslo kit to put together? Do the lights work or are they "just" jewels?
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    CN Specialty Units

    Kaslo is producing what CMLW is selling. Keep your eyes open, you can find the SD50F/SD60F cheaper than listed on Kaslo's site. I think Canadian Express Line was selling them for ~$90.
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    Andersley Kits NTTX Spine Car

    What's the Cdn or US price on these? Website only gives British pounds...:confused: Nicely done cars, BTW. :)
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    The best and worse RR forum

    In response to the question asked, I visit the gauge more often than here. However I still visit this site at least once a week. I think that the weekend photo threads are this site's biggest asset, along with the weathering forum. I don't bother with the atlas or mr forums. Mostly comes down to...
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    Warning ** Scamer Among Us**

    2 very funny things about this one. 1. Says where she's hiding. If you're really hiding, you're not supposed say where. 2. Take a closer look at the name: Miss Sandra Kamra = S.Kamr

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