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  1. DCCinstalled

    Fox Valley Gevo

    They have been getting good reviews. And yes this is their first release. They are comparable to both Atlas and Kato.
  2. DCCinstalled

    ExactRail Evans 5277 Box Car and Thrall 3267 Gondola

    They look great too! Just finished posting them on our site. I got a few phone calls from customers before I even got a chance to finish listing them! They have been putting out new cars every few weeks!
  3. DCCinstalled

    Lionel Trains at Walmart

    The deal is that you can sell sets, but to sell separate locos and rolling stock and all of the accessories you must have an operating layout. We have just completed the paperwork to be an authorized dealer. I have recently with in the past year became authorized with most distributors and...
  4. DCCinstalled

    Need to Vent - M.B. Klein

    Hey John, Sorry I wasn't still there to help! I know first hand what you went through... I used to see it happen on a daily basis... When I was there I did mostly customer service to "Fix" problems that should have never happened. They have some serious issues and have not been able to...
  5. DCCinstalled

    An SP Boxcar

    WOW That's a very nice looking car! Great Work!!!
  6. DCCinstalled

    Does anyone sell these?

    Probably have to order the entire truck side frame...
  7. DCCinstalled

    What is it with TTX box cars

    The 2420 Gons are shipping this week also, I have a bunch on the way!
  8. DCCinstalled

    What is it with TTX box cars

    FYI, ExactRail 2nd Run of TTX cars now available in 12 new roadnumbers!!! Shipping to dealers this week!
  9. DCCinstalled

    Adding DCC to Athearn BB/RTR

    As long as the extra wires are out of the way of the drive shafts you should be fine.
  10. DCCinstalled

    ATLAS DCC or KATO DCC??? N scale.

    Atlas has switched from the Lenz to NCE decoders in the newer releases.
  11. DCCinstalled

    Adding DCC to Athearn BB/RTR

    I have attempted to use the harness a few times. I have found it to be just as easy to solder the decoder in without it as the wires will often break off of the clips It is very easy to add LED's while your in there too. Miniatronics Surface Mount Yeloglo LEDs work well and they come with...
  12. DCCinstalled

    hand painted bnsf"s

    take them outside and take a few shots, sunlight always works!
  13. DCCinstalled

    What is it with TTX box cars

    I think they were gone as soon as I said I had 3! CN's gone now too!
  14. DCCinstalled

    Wich Dcc brand to choose

    I think he is referring to the jump ports on the Zepher. They allow you to use DC powerpacks as DCC throttles.
  15. DCCinstalled

    Wich Dcc brand to choose

    The Zepher is a good choice, because of the points already made. Also until you upgrade all of your locos, you can run some of the Analog locos on Address 00.

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