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    My three cryo cars.

    What did these tank cars carry?
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    Adding an Extra Drive Wheel Axle

    It will probably take more time & money to add another AXLE. It would be a whole lot easier & cheaper just to buy a 2-8-0.
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    Looking for steam locos that smoke

    Agree wholeheartedly with montanan about smoking model locos, whether diesel or steam, produce a very POOR EXCUSE for smoke. Besides, no maker advertisements show side by side comparisons!!!!
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    How Many Different Locomotives Road Names do you Have on Your Layout?

    On my Los Angeles Junction Ry layout can have Santa Fe, SP & UP diesels doing interchange work, but NO BuNSnifF. ~}
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    Help in help with single track on lower level Drago & East Ridge HO Layout

    Never have been a fan of switchbacks, so made a few changes. Added a runaround to the right side of yard. Also added a few more industry spurs to give folks some ideas where they might go. It was done in Picasa & couldn't do curves. Since the 2 depots are so close together, think about running...
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    Coupler Misalignment

    Looks more like shims are needed above the coupler box, not just the coupler. If that doesn't work see how much offset Kadees give you. You can email or call them for more help.
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    El Capitan

    There's also the ATSF & Santa Fe Yahoo Groups sites that you can ask your questions. They may have gone over to by now.
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    El Capitan

    Get "A Quarter Century of Santa Fe Consists". That should tell you pretty much of what cars were in the 1954 El Capitan. Do your own Google search for Santa Fe interior colors if Clint's posts don't heip you.
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    New Oxford HO models

    But there's no fins on the 57. ~}
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    Bridge and No River

    Most RRs would have just put fill across that gully with culverts ro drain any water.
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    Bridge and No River

    Know model RRers love bridges, but to the real RRs they are VERY EXPENSIVE! In a yard situation, a drainage of any size would be avoided or filled in/rerouted. Out on the mainlines, that's not always possible. Through time, especially in the modern era, wooden trestles would be replaced by steel...
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    Boxcars are still being used, just not where you are seeing BunSNifF. Here's a bunch on a Los Angeles Junction Ry spur. It's one of their subsidiaries.
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    Pacific for Light Freight?

    Check the NEW/BLT dates on your cars to see if they would have run with a Pacific. My guess anything older than the 1950s would not have been pulled by one of those. Why not get a 2-6-0 or 2-8-0 to pull your freight cars? But most RRs had stopped using steam by the mid 1950swhen they had more...
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    Passenger Train

    On some Santa Fe branchlines, they mostly used doodlebugs to pull 6-8 car trains. If there were more cars that needed to move cattle or grain, they used Alco, EMD or FairbamnksMorse. road units

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