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    Cool Video for those of us struck in the 80's

    Check this REM video out. Lots of Chessie video footage.
  2. BB Michigan

    what's it mean?

    Basically any kind of car that will bottom out such as center depressed flat cars and double stack cars.
  3. BB Michigan

    An awesome Train Cam movie.....

    That was awesome!! The Home Depot sells little wireless video cameras that fit on an HO flat car nicely.
  4. BB Michigan

    It has begun!! The Midland Line.

    I like those recessed lights in the ceiling. Can't go wrong with that saw either. Nice work btw.
  5. BB Michigan

    Layout tour part two

    Very creative with the hanging mirror. Layout looks very nice also.
  6. BB Michigan

    Model Railroad Videos

    New Video Here's a new video from an actual video camera I bought in December. All the other videos are from a Sony digital still camera. Just a short video with real sound. Enjoy VIDEO: (960KB)
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    Model Railroad Videos

    Sorry for not responding sooner. Thanks for the comments all!! Just any video from the web that the sound fits. Here's a site with great video: 1MB give or take lol. That would be something if it sounded like that for real.
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    Attaching metal stirrup to plastic boxcar...HELP!

    Could you bend the pins over?
  9. BB Michigan

    looking for pictures...

    Most of the video is as close to the ground as this picture.
  10. BB Michigan

    looking for pictures...

    Here's a link to Above Southern California Rails: That is a great video and the DVD also includes Above 3751 Over Cajon which follows the steam engine from LA to Barstow. Also Google Earth is a great program to view cities and such.
  11. Mobile workbench

    Mobile workbench

    My mobile workbench which I mounted a piece of plywood on top of a cart. Also added a work lamp, electric outlet on the side and some pieces of pegboards on the sides.
  12. BB Michigan

    Propane Tanks

    Looks pretty cool!
  13. BB Michigan

    Model Railroad Videos

    The note taped to the white box says Pete under Josh. I had to prove to my classmates that indeed it was my models so what better way then put their names on the side of the train.
  14. BB Michigan

    Model Railroad Videos

    Thanks for the comments guys and thanks for suggestions Peter. I'm going to have to try that. I have to get my track back together to take more videos.
  15. CSX 6390

    CSX 6390

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