HObbyline Ho train sets made from 1953 to 1957.

HObbyline Ho train sets made from 1953 to 1957.

Set #1, has no name, released in 1953.jpg Set lays atop a catalog photo of this frist set.
Power is HObbyline FM H12-44 Lettered for the PRR. 1st Union Pacific flat car, ACL box car, Wabash Gondola and PRR caboose.
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"Archaic" These are vintage HO trains. That set #1 was the first train set this company HObbyline produced.
HObbyline's Set #2 is also from 1953 and has no name. The catalog for 1953 didn't even show a photo of the set . It just gave a description. It was a PRR freight set. It was powered by a Twin set of Alco FA-1's pulling 2 gondolas, a flat car, two boxcars and a PRR caboose. It came with a circle of HObbylines own sectional track called Jiffy track.

Well, here is something Archaic. posting a photo in another on-line site, getting a link from that site and posting the link here is necessary to provide a photo of mine for use in this site. That method was used 30 years ago to posting a photo in that way. Yes! That's an archaic method to be sure. Thanks for the word HO Scale MILW.
Wish I had one of those in my collection. I notice the couplers. Look alot like the Atlas O-scale couplers from the late 1970s.
Here is HObbyline set #2 of 1953. There wont be a set #3 posted for in 1953 there were only 2 sets released. I spoke of it in my last post but didn't place a photo. I dont remember why. So I'll try again. Now I know I need a link from some other site to post aphot on this sit. very old fashion. Hummmm ! Click on the link symboland this site askes for a link. Thats correct. Click on the photo symbol and you gat asked for a link. WoooW! Hummmmmm. Well the set needs a twin set of Alco FA-1 lococ in prr black as John English call the locos color, pulling 2 gondolas, 2 boxcars, one flat car and a PRR caboose. I got to look.
Flickr to the rescue. The only discrepancy in this set is the flat car load. That load wount be released untill 1955. Otherwise all is coposayic. Except my spelling.
Wish I had one of those in my collection. I notice the couplers. Look alot like the Atlas O-scale couplers from the late 1970s.
Iron Horseman. 1953 for hobbyline had their own style split knuckle with a round pin comming out the bottom of it for a uncoupling aid. These coplers proved to be fragil at times so in 1954 a beeefier coupler was released. Beeefier means a little larger. Now what would be next. Hummmmm. 1954 catalog. page 4. The first set seen lloking left to right is set #410. A passenger set powered by a black Pennsylvania RR FM H12-44 in lowery style pulling a cosist of 3 cars. First a 62' combine in tuscan paint with a black roof. This is followed by a pair of 62' day caaches. The style of these 1890 passenger cars is that of a cresatory roof one. Or the term Standard comes to mind. Lionel would car them Madison cars, Well to each his own.
Now to search Flicker for a photo of mine of this set, if one is there?

Wooo Bingo! Yep I got one.
More to came. Same 1954 catalog. page 4. Next set is set #430 another PRR small passenger set using the same three passenger cars but this time pulled by a PRR A4 class switcher.
see you latter.
Ahhhhhh! What can I say. Hmmmmmm.
Well HObbyline was in business I think from 1953 to and including1957. They produced 30 cataloged set and 2 other uncataloged set in thst time period. I have the Locomotives and cars in my collection with which I can put together the other 27 sets. As you see for set #2 I posted only a photos of the cars that made up the set. I will post other sets here.
This site does not allow for my bad spelling by not giving a composer of posts here the right to edite or deleate a post. I am never perfect the first time and need to edite or start over offten. That is why I dont post much here. I embaris myself and can't correct it.
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