Fishing Dock

Fishing Dock

This is a wood kit I am working on for a small lake and fishing dock
That.... is.... great... Trucula!!( just walked away out of the set of the "Waltons": "Good night Mary-Ann!....Good night John- Boy....".=)) )
Want to see the fishing dock with the water!!
Thanks for the kind words! It was my first wood kit and I see I didn't have the roof set in place properly for the picture (it must have been sitting on a rafter) The rope(thread) came on a flat spool like card and it wanted to stay in a zig-zag pattern. To get the coil on the dock I flipped over a piece of masking tape and taped it to my bench then slowly coiled the thread onto the sticky side, then with a swipe of Elmer's Glue, I flipped it onto the deck and then removed the tape. Thanks again!!...(Now to get the Walton's theme song out of my head!!)
Or may be: A house on the prairy( with "little Joe" from Bonanza. Whow, that was long...long agoo dingdededingdededingdededing BONANZA!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAAHH! I just got the Wal-nuts theme outta my head!!! Now to work on the Bonanza one!! And yeah I am old enough to remember when that was a prime time show :(

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