Yuba/Sutter/Butte California

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Hello everyone,

About 6-7 years ago I started to get into model railroading, I had "train sets" before but was really trying at that time to make it more than a toy. My interest starting failing because of several reasons, I went to pursue a career, and there was no local "groups" or people I knew that I could "learn" from. Everything I know I have read online or in books and have almost no hand's on experience (my layout back then was a failure, many reasons!). I visited a club back then that was in Roseville (about an hour away) and liked the idea of a club. Unfortunately I couldn't (and still can't) verify an hour drive each way.

Fast forward to today and with a friend being hired out on the U.P. (as a carman) sparking my interest in modeling and railroading again, I am in the same position. I love Model Railroad's and how amazingly real they can look. I love railroading but know almost nothing about it (but I am learning). The history aspect of it really appeals to me as well, SP & WP LIVES! :) . Back to my point, I still feel isolated from other modelers and railroaders, I don't know if there are very few in my area or what. I have visited my local hobby shop (the Western Depot) and they are very friendly and very helpful, but I still have no hands on.

I have thought about trying to start a club in my area but don't have a clue how. I have started a website and thought of a name but I am kind of shy and so even when I am at my LHS, I don't mention anything about my thoughts and desire to start a club (for fear of hearing someone say, well Thats a stupid idea!) I was thinking more of a club that the members go to another members house say, once a week and have ops sessions or help build the layout. Until we can get our own place.

Anyhow, I thought I would try to plug it here and see what everyone else thinks. There might not even be enough people in the hobby in my area to support it. Anyhow I guess I am just voicing my frustration at not being able to get my hands dirty and learn some actual methods of modeling before I rip into my own layout. Since my budget is limited, due to family and mediocre job, I don't want to make a lot of costly mistakes.

My home layout I am starting is N scale. The website I have thrown together (which is still under construction) for the club is http://www.buttesmrc.org


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Where are you located? I once lived on the SP tracks in Yuba City. The Sutter Buttes are impossible to explain to someone who hasn't been there.

Head over to Trains.com and look up a member named Jetrock. He is in your area, and very knowledgeble about the trains in your area. A member here and there is Aggro Jones. He is also from that general area.
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I am in Live Oak. Grew up here. I'll check out the websites you mentioned for Aggro Jones and Jetrock. I went to a Railroad slideshow last night but it was more centered around the prototype. Plus I knew just one person there and I only know him from the local train store (so I know he models). But again, my, uhh, shyness...

Anyhow, I will see about making up flyers as willb suggests. I have heard of this method before, but wasn't sure about doing since I am the only "member"... :) I guess most importantly I need to get over my shyness huh?

Thanks guys.


No biggie, I'll try the flyer thing at the LHS. I just went to a railfan slideshow (no models) that was put on in Gridley, so I am slowly getting into the crowd, I guess it will just take some time.

Thanks for your help though.

P.S. I noticed your Redwood Empire layout on your site. I am modeling the exact same thing, only 75 years later. http://swr.buttesmrc.org (except the CWR was bought by the SP and run as a subsidiary (the Sequoia Western) and Union Lumber Co. (at my time frame Georgia Pacific) never shut down, thus justifying the railroad, along with some various other industries. :)
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