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I think I should have posted this topic here first.

I'm toying with the idea of recycling my layout (starting all over) and what I have in mind is a double deck with one helix at one end. The room is rather small (35 X 12 Feet). The construction would not take place before spring.

My question is this:

*Can you (should you) make a layout, where 2 walls are double deck but 2 walls are not?
*Can you (should you) make a layout where 3 walls are double deck but one wall is not?
*How would you proceed?
The reason I am asking is because one wall has a weird configuration (ceiling) that would make it very difficult to have all 4 walls double deck.

If it was your choice , would you build double deck or single deck, and why?

Thanks for the feedback

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I'm torn on double deck designs. I like the doubled space but prefer the more "open" (realistic) look of single level designs. I think the benefits of two decks outweigh the disadvantages for smaller spaces though. I don't see any problem with double decking only parts of the layout but it would seem beneficial to double all of it once you commit to the basic idea for part of the layout and have a helix installed.


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I had a double deck, but scrapped the idea because of a couple things. First was that neither deck would be an ideal height. Second, I could find no way to make a transition without having an incline that would look out of place with the rest of the scenery. Third and would not likely apply to you. Redwood trees are 2 1/2 to 3 ft in HO scale.

So what I decide was one level at the right height with no compromises.


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I'm building a mostly double deck, only for the extra track it allows. Two decks on three walls, two and a half decks ( sort of ) on the forth wall.

My helix is in the next room.

I couldn't get everything I wanted into my room 25X13 with out going up, unless it was a big table in the middle with obvious access problems.



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Your layout looks nice, so think twice before your tear down what you have!!!
That is my 2 cents of advise.
Do you have a layout plan?. ( Trackplan)



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I'm thinking about a second level, on three walls (but two are short walls, not full room), with a helix to that level. It'll be a switching branch, with at least a stub yard staging area behind one of the short walls. I've seen a number of trackplans (in MR and elsewhere) where there is a branch line set up as such.

I'm considering hiding the helix inside of the outside loop which is part of the 'out and back'.

BTW, my space is 22' x 11'. The helix/loop will be a blob on one end, against the short wall that's at the end of the room.



I have a double deck layout. My train room is 11' x 29' inside the walls. I also have a "blob" in the middle of the room.

Pros: 1. I like the additional layout space
2. The additional space also allows me to have a 200+ car capacity run-through staging yard which is excellent if you like to have lots of trains without "fiddle yards".

Cons: MONSTER HELIX prevents running long trains without "stringlining"
20" climb, 2.5% grade, 4.5 turns. Its pretty cool to watch the trains run up it though
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