XTrkCad an my utter lack of artistic talent.


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Hello all,
I see everyone recommending XTrkCad to do their layouts. How many of you are incapable of using this software? Don't get me wrong, I think the software is pretty good. And I do computer tech. support, so it isn't a lack of knowledge about computers. But, I find that I have no artistic talent and have a difficult time getting anything to LOOK right.

Is there anyone else who has this problem? It isn't just XTrkCad either. I can work tutorials in Photoshop like crazy, but if I try to "wing it" on my own, it looks terrible.

Just curious. I am getting ready to embark on a layout and am a little concerned about how I am going to lay track without a real definite plan. I'm sort of planning on 'working without a net' like they had to before computers.

Of course, I'm also concerned that my lack of artistic talent may come into play with other aspects of the layout.

Am I the only 'non-artist' here?

Thanks for letting me rant,
Perhaps a change in perspective would help. I never thought of layout design as an artistic endeaver. I view it as a logistical exercise, trying to incorporate the types of industry I want in a reasonably logical way to provide good operating opportunities in the space available. The artistic part comes with doing the scenery.
Copy some prototypical track!! I went out and drew some scetches and took some photos of what I wanted to achieve came back and put mouse to desk and up with a plan on Xtrkcad. I didn't do any reading of the tutorials, it just goes in one ear and out the other (as my mother would say)

When I got stuck CJ helped my with my yard and I have learned alot from that, when you do lay some track it will probably look a little different the plan anyway!!