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Ill start us off this week. Its been a while since I posted but progress has been slow on my D&H. This picture is of the first step of my expansion project that will hopefully kick off this winter. I staged this shot, but this will be one transition through the wall along the expansion line to Wilkes Barre. I am experimenting with different ideas to hide the holes without using a "tunnel". I have to replicate this 3 more times, once more in this room, and twice in the new expansion so suggestions are welcome.


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Great picture! I love those D&H colors.

If I may make a suggestion about your expansion project.
I suggest you make a new thread dedicated to your expansion project because the WPF can be a busy thread and the suggestions you receive could be easily lost in the shuffle.

I wish I had more information or could be of help, but you are beyond my "pay grade" with this one.
I wish you well and thanks for sharing the picture!


Kinda looks like Binghamton in DVDs from the period. Great start. Would the Belden tunnel be another possible transition?
jwb, I take that as a very good compliment since this area of my layout is the Binghamton yards where the line comes up from the old Penn Division.
Love the D&H - the scene is looking great.

Here is mine this week. Just spotted a tank car at Spencer's Oil Co. in Phoenix


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Bridgeliner--I really like your locomotives
Larry-- Your work is superb, but I think the carpenter put the corrugation the wrong way!
JWB--Excellent detail right down to the heavy traffic in the background
It looks like everyone is off the a great start this week.
Bridgeliner-Nice layout and those background buildings really add to it.

Larry-I particularly like the fence and the way the weeds are growing up on it.

JWB-Did you build that stone wall? Nice!

Secret Weapon-Good looking.

With summer almost ending, it's time to get those last few fresh garden grown fruits and vegetables at Pa-Pa's Produce. (O scale) The old Ford truck was a brand new donor until the rust and red mud took over.

Thanks for looking,





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Work is progressing on the Steel Girder overpass bridge. I have the bridge permanently in place and now I am putting in the "fill" on the other side of it:


I have also been rusting some rail in the yard. You can easily see the difference between the unweathered and the finished rail. When when all the track has been painted, I will add other trackside details and ballast.




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Ray nice job on the girder bridge. I like the weeds growing out of the stone blocks. Nice touch.


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I'll post some photos after I get off work of my finds today at the local swap meet. Let's just say I was able to pick up 3 (yes, three!) MINT Proto 2000 SD60Ms that may or may not have decoders for $150...

Edit: took some quick pictures before I put them in the trunk.

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Nice work from everyone! Love seeing progress shots and new stuff!
Mike those proto's will pull the rails off the ties, I just picked one up from Terry (BNSF971) and together with my Oakway unit there's just no stopping them!

Here's a shot of the first train to reach Lake Winifred on the middle section of the new layout.



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So those are the SD60M's you are asking about manuals for. They appear to have come in the boxes that Proto used several years ago and I'm guessing there are bags of extra bits in there too. You gott'a love the amount of detail they put on them back then.


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Some of the locomotives in progress on my Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois. F7 #1617, U23B #2061 (ran out of numbers), S4 #435 and SD35 #2806.

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Great work by everyone and some super deals found! Here is one more from me for the week. This is a residential area that I am working on next to the Binghamton yards on my D&H.

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