WPF 2/15 to 2/21

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Love the gif...

Finally finished the basic part of the roof. My back is killing me! Been leaning over the workbench for aboutr 8 hours today to get it done. I started on the ridge caps after taking a short break and finally turned off the lights down cellar at 11PM. I have about 1/3rd. of the ridge caps done and should get the rest done by tomorrow early afternoon. I calculate there will be about 3344 cut and glued "shingles" by the time the ridge caps are done... Then I'll let it dry for a couple hours before I stain the roof. I want to be able to take it to the museum meeting tomorrow to show an old friend. He is the guy who drew the plans for the building for me.

What? oh, yes I did take some photos:



Actually it's Corn Storch that I've throw on the Engine and Plow with a Spoon. The rest of the Diorama is covered with Baking Soda.


BN Modeller
Wow nice work everyone!
Once again I have nothing new to share, but I'll be spending more time in the Sacred Chamber of the Silver Rails in the next couple weeks.
I took a pretty good whack to the head at work and have to stay off the 'puter and TV for a while, something about flickering lights or something.
See you all later!


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Everybody's photos were great!

Bridgeliner, what about a fence along the road, to keep the animals from getting hit. Looks like a lot of places I've seen.
Otis....absolutely. Still trying to find one I like. I was wanting more post and wire vs wooden rail fence. I also need a mailbox at the end of the driveway!


Engineer in Training
I agree Richard. Where I grew up they never striped the roads. You just drove the middle unless someone was coming the other way.

Bridgeliner, I didn't see until after I posted that you were wanting a wire fence. That Bar Mills fence is a picket fence. Like you, I think a wire fence would look better there.

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Great ideas guys... I may leave the road unstriped for now. NScaler, I might try experimenting with scratch building a wood post fence using a brown or black thread for the wire. I will post pics once I get it together.

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