Wpf 12-09-05

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grande man

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Hi all. It's that time again. We haven't done much that's photoworthy this week. I did manage to relocate the RR controls to give us more aisle space, ballast some track that was damaged during our move (way back), add the correct offset up shank couplers to our old Atlas GP40 and do some minor detailing work.

We're looking very forward to the Alabama Gang's get together at Rex's house. Maybe I can snap a few shots to post later this weekend. ;)

LGM has been working on some car kits as we continue to populate our new found staging yards.

Here's an example of what I've worked on this week... (it's not much, I know)

I look forward to seeing your pics from this week!

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Ya know, I'm thinking some Grande power working "The Gorge" might be seriously photoworthy. ;) What say you, Rex? :D


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I guess everone is busy this time of year...
Well for myself yes, yesterday was all day with the snow blower and that brings out the best of what arthritis can do to a person. Today I stripped the coach battery's out of the RV and the Olds which won't be looked at till the spring thaw but all those are the minor things. Well it's still weekend and if I get off my butt I should be able to take a photo of something. :D
Gee yesterday over a foot of snow and today it's spilling rain, guess I should have waited for the rain to take care of the snow for me.

Cheers Willis


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Nuttin on my list this weekend, I can recycle old pictures... Kinda taking a break before i go out next weekend and shell out money towards some more detail parts!


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Here's my contribution for the weekend ( even tho it's Monday here!!)

My new layout room 13'X 25'. Can't wait to get started.



Door on the right leads to garage workshop.



Diesel Detail Freak
Nice Ken, NICE!

My contrib for the weekend, Like I stated earlier, no models for me, I'm hoping the family and woman chip together and get me a few of the train items I want, Esp. the Woodland Scenics Mod-u-rail section(s)!!!!

Some more Prototype inspiration for you... Mostly newer grain hoppers back there...


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Earlier there was quite a wreck on the CB&CNS involving quite a number of Tank Cars. The damaged tanks were loaded onto flats for transport to a repair facility. I have photos of others but this one takes the cake. Someone just couldn't resist.

Some of the other photos

Cheers Willis


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It's not very glamorous gut this is the progress I made on my layout this weekend.

The wall separates the laundry from the entertainment center area. The whole top of the entertainment shelving will be layout. The wall you see will hold the staging.


grande man

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Ken, That's awesome. I can't wait to see your RR progress from the ground up!

Space, Same thing to you, my friend. It looks like you're off to a good start!

I kinda envy you guys. You've got the whole experience right in front of you!


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Nuggets of Nostalgia

To help "bulk up" the selection of WPF entries for this week, here's something I also posted across the street: A pile of old 35mm color slides rescued from the basement in my stepmother's house. I shot these when I was a teenager and knew 'squat' about photography; they also have mildew damage on them from 30+ years in a dark, damp environment. Nada problem though, I can always pretend they're what Van Gogh would have painted if he had been a railfan!:p




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