WPF 10-24 to 10-31

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Had the Texas & Gulf Coast office car "Sam Houston" out on its first revenue run. This is also my first posting (I think) from my new railroad club after a political falling out at my old club (can't we all just run trains and have fun!!??)





If the scenes looks familiar... there was another forum member who used to post pictures from this club, but I haven't seen them lately...


Nice photos! I like the custom Kato business car there. I don't think any real railroad would use a steamer that large for a one car train but it looks cool so yay. :)


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My work in progress. Some of the boxcars I have purchased on ebay, not sure on where the fuel tank is going, yet.


I guess I forgot to put the steps on the freight/mow shed. oops.



Fred's Loco Shop Foreman
Nice photos! I like the custom Kato business car there. I don't think any real railroad would use a steamer that large for a one car train but it looks cool so yay. :)

If the president of a railroad was showing off his new office car to other railroad presidents and the subject of the 4-8-8-2 was brought up, don't you think the president would make a call or two and trade in the MP-15 for the Cab Forward? :=)


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V&AL ..... I like the layout photos and your business car.
logandsawman .... Your work in progress looks great.
Michael.. I really like your station scene, and the lighting effects are great.
Irocinblu .... That is a remarkable series of photos.

Here is a series of photos of my main line between “Valley Heights” and “Blackhawk”







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I've been studying painting and weathering from a master model railroader. (He's the guy who's done most of my custom paints, including the cab forward and business car...) We are preparing from me to start doing my own painting under his tutalage... here's a nice collection getting stripped. This is what a few hours in an 80% Isopropal Alcohol bath, a tooth brush, and stiff bristled paint brushes will do to Proto 2000 GP-30's, BL2's, and 2 Bachmann DCC onboard shells...



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Today was Rio Grande Day at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum. We had D&RGW equipment from all eras running on the layout. The Rio Grande Historical Society had a display set up. Guests came from as far away as New Mexico just because it was RG day.

I caught the 3804 on the point of #504 coming out of Quartz Mountain with the Neon Rio Grande sign in the background.


Later I caught up to with it approaching Dog Lake. Can't believe I didn't have the headlight on. I turned it off waiting for a facing train so I wouldn't blind the other engineer. Hope I don't get reported to the FRA.
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Aaannddd its stupidity like that why people leave the hobby, or at least the club... when folks forget that its all about having fun!


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I don't have anything to show "on the layout" but I did finally get photos done on the loot I brought home from the RPM in Lisle last week.

F & C was having a Buy one get one free special, so I picked up these.


I have not yet tried any Tru-Color paint yet but with the exit of Floquil and Polyscale, I figure they are worth a look. Five bucks a bottle. They better be good!!!


Following Murphy's Laws of Model Railroading, special orders always show up when you're broke. This turned up at the LHS just before leaving for RPM!


Tangent was there Saturday with their latest release, a triple dome tank car. This model is gorgeous, and it's got enough weight to put it anywhere in the train!


I found this on a Historical society's table, and couldn't resist it. I have an SW-9 in the same scheme. I always liked this livery. Two cracked axle gears but I just happened to have spares on hand so all four axles have been replaced. Now I just need to install DCC.


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