Working in Delaware Pics


X-CSX modeler
These are from last year:rolleyes: 2005 ! I just scanned them today. They were taken on the old B&O line in Wilmington, DE just west of the Transload yard . I caught a lot of old B&O and Chessie equipment.:cool: Also I included pics of my companys plow train. I posted pics on MR forum a while back of the GP7Rs . They were rebuilt and painted at Enola Yard. Look how CW60AC 653 dwarfs my F350, also have a pic of the "DEVIL" unit 666.
Here are the hoppers X B&O and X Chessie. The other pic is the plow train in action.
Nice shots CSXMU. The Chessy hopper is great, I have been collecting the cement hopper shots for weathering projects. Those little hoppers of CSX weather great, or bad, depending on who is looking at them ;)