Work'in on the RR #3


Long Winded Old Fart
Thought I might give everyone & update on what I've been doing the past 6 months. I work almost every Fri. & sat. on the layout. In some of the photo's
there have been some changes in structure of the tunnels & mountains.
I made some changes in the 3 bridge combo, changed a large tunnel area to an open space & added 5 new buildings. The layout is still in the construction
stage & will be for the next 2 or 3 years.
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The next 4 photo's are the changes in scenery material. I'm not using the foam board anymore & have changed to Celotex ceiling tile material.
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The next 4 photo's are of the downtown area of which I have added some
(plenty) vehicles. You might see some funny looking vehicles for show.
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keeps us big kids off the streets
Well Larry, it doesn't look like you spent much time on the streets. Nice, I like it, but the last photo gave me a start till I clicked on full size. Due to the dark contrast between the tree and the dinosaur on the small version I was wondering why you had put such a large turkey or ostrich on the grass in front of that building ( silly me). Must have taken quite a bit of time to do them buildings looks real good. Question What did you use for the water streaming out of rocks?
Cheers Willis
Great looking layout! Is the round building made out of vacuum filters or something similar? Just wondering because if not, it gave me a great idea! :D
Thanks for sharing!!

Willis, The water flowing out of the rocks is clear silicone caulk. I just squeeze out some w/a caulk gun & let it flow down. Everyone that visits thinks that is real water.
That stuff dries real fast. Use the cheap stuff.

Doc, The round building is made out of PVC filter inserts. It's like porcelin w/slots.
Only saw them once in my life. They aren't used anymore. The cap on top is a funnel out of a coffee maker & the chrome pc. on top is a furnace jet. The levels between
each size is 1/4" smoaked plexiglass cut to fit. The door opening is a pc. of pvc pipe cut in half.
I'm in the process of building a modern train station from scratch. It's my own design
& is made out of plastic fluorescent lite covers. It will be on an elevated plexiglass
platform w/posts made out of 1/2" PVC pipe. I use a lot of lite covers to make sky scrapers & such. If you look at the last 4 photo's of the city buildings & look at #3 &#4
you will see the buildings made out of this stuff. I'm going to try to install fiber optic lighting in this train station. Haven't ever tried it before. I bought a small christmas tree for $10.00 at Walmart & have stripped it down to the filaments. The new fibre optics are a lot easier to work with. You can just cut them off anyplace in the string
& they still light up. Hope to finish this project in the next 3 or 4 weeks.