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I was wondering if anyone could help me.
I have purchase several different Woodland Scenics Built-&-Ready N-Scale structures over the past couple years.
The first 3 structures I bought did not come with the colorful inserts that show and interior scene visible through the windows.
If you purchase them now they have inserts. An example is show in the attached JPG.
I have contacted Woodland Scenics 3 different times asking if I could get the inserts or purchase them or a scan of them.
Each time it as been a simple quick no. Nice customer service.

Anyway I thought I would ask if anyone that might have any of these models would be able to scan theirs and email them to me.
I have a color laser and could print them and install them in my models.
Maybe this is asking a lot?

Either way, thanks for listening.

The missing inserts are for the 3 following models.
- BR4921 Harrison's Hardware
- BR4923 Corner Emporium
- BR4945 Lubener's General Store



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Here is the missing "y" you need - so sorry.
I didn't say WS was terrible but for a manufacturer of fairly expensive (but good quality) to not be able to issue me 3 pieces of cardboard or 3 scans seems..... well a bit lame. I have worked in New Product Development for 40 years and I know I would make that happen or at least give it a heck of a try.


I'm saying either your particular building structure never came with an interior, or, they had no more to spare/already in other sealed kits. That to me doesn't translate as poor customer service..I'm betting you can make an interior just as good, anyway....


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@ twforeman
Thanks for the information - much appreciated. :)

You're not a can do kind of person are you. Do you or a family member work for WS because you seem to think they are the top of the top.
They sell the structures I referred to with inserts. They are sealed with a staple and the backgrounds are not glued in place. I am sure they possess a copy machine, even a reasonable cell phone picture. I would have paid the paper and postage cost if email wasn't and option.
I would never have ask anyone on the forum for help on this if it wasn't somewhat easy.
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A friendly reminder.
We on this forum are not the grammar police. Many of our members are not as familiar with electronics as others, and may be trying to type on a tiny cell phone screen without our glasses.


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I like to say thank you to Woodland Scenics. They got back to me with a solution that will work fine. I really do appreciate it too.
Also I appreciate the ideas I received here - Thanks !

This should make you smile - Now I have to say WS Customer Service is top of the list. Certainly one individual is. :)

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