Wiring a small layout for DCC

Hi Harold, again a nice site. That's similar to the method I used to wire my layout for DC. Adding DCC to it should be a breeze (I hope). Although I'm somewhere on the learning curve for DCC, I believe your ideas will be a help when I'm ready to take the big plunge and install a system.

Cheers Willis
hi Harold,

Nice web page. Great detail. A definite for wiring even if you are not going to DCC. Less change of power drops.

Bob a.
Thanks for the tips on wiring DCC

I am about to start wiring my new layout for DCC and your simple and detailed explaination really made things alot clearer for me compared to other articles I have been reading ...Thanks.

I will be using the new MRC Prodigy Advance System and can't wait to run some trains.

Hi Bob and welcome to the Model RailRoadForums. Take it from me, if you want to know about DCC this is the best place to get the info.

Cheers Willis
Since I am just getting into DCC...

Morning Ya'll,

Since I am just getting into DCC I can use all the advice I can get. Here is what i have so far; MRC Prodigy Advance System, 1 DCC equipped diesel locomotive.

I just bought a Mint Rivarossi 4-6-2 on Ebay but have not recieved it yet, that I want to convert to DCC but have read it is quite a process to do it. Something about pickup wheels and isolating something from something. (Sound complicated for a novice like me).

My benchwork is complete and I am about to lay track but have not decided weither to hot glue it or tack it with those tiny nails. I have read that each section of track needs to be connected to the power bus to insure good operation.

Attached is a pix of my train room and a basic drawing of my track plan. Comments are welcomed.

Did you know you have two reversing sections, that need addressing? Each loop has a section that needs to be isolated and a reversing module. I have used both the MRC and the Tony's Train Exchange with success.
Hope that helps
Hi Bob,

Looks like you are on you way.

First, about the track, I concur with Harold that you do have two reversing sections. They will have to have an isolated section long enough to hold your longest train. Secondly, feeds to each section of track is not really necessary as long as you solder the rail joiners to the rails. Then you will need drops about every 4 feet.

I don't usually glue rails to the bed, i Spike them as I don't know how many times I have ended up moving things as i went along. then once you are sure that every thing is fine ballast the track. That will definitely hold things in place.

Haven't seen the Rivarossi engine before, but if it is a non DCC ready unit, then you are definitely going to have to isolate the motor from the frame and probably have to run the wires to the tender for the Decoder install.

hope this helps.
Thanks Guys,

Yes I did realize I needed to get the auto reversing modules for those 2 loops. Tony's unit seems to have some great reviews from those who use them.